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Daily Journey

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Happy Birthday McKinzee


Granddaughter turns eight today!
She is grandchild number eight and granddaughter number five.
This picture was taken last month when I was in Sacramento visiting.
On July 14th.
She is my little fashionista.
For her birthday she wanted Twinkle Toes.
I had no idea what Twinkle Toes were.
But I found out very quickly.
They are so cute!
I would have bought a pair for myself if they had in my size.
They have bling and sparkle that any little girl would love or big girl!
They light up!
How fun!
Her mom will be giving them to her this morning.
I so wish I could be there when she opens them.
She has wanted a pair for over a year or more her mom said.
So today will be a wonderful day filled with many surprises for her.
I'm sure there will be many wonderful smiles and giggles of happiness.
Mom and dad are getting her a bike!
Oh how exciting!
If we were there I'm sure we would have a wonderful ice cream date that would include a mini manicure and pedi!
But that will have to wait for that another year.
Mckinzee mema loves you!
Have a wonderful day.
Thank you Lord for blessing us with McKinzee!

Happy Birthday Mckinzee!

Twinkle Toes

McKinzee's New Twinkle Toes!
Can you believe mema messed up.
Today is her seventh birthday as I was corrected this morning by her mom.
How funny!
McKinzee said almost eight!
I laughed!
I guess she figures that since today is her birthday we can start working on eight.

Do you like bling?


rainbow said...

I am not much of a bling person except for my rings. Since I was in college I have always worn 5 rings, 3 on my left hand and 2 on my right when I was single and reversed when I am married. That way my wedding ring is on the right finger. The kids now like more bling then we did, can you imagine what they are going to like when they get our age. Blinged out glasses, canes and power chairs (they would never settle for plain old time wheel chair). LOL

rainbow (Momma Lyn)

Linda said...

Those are some snazy shoes! I am sure she will love them! Ay Happy Birthday to your 8 year old McKinzee!!!!

God Bless!


Raindrops and Daisies said...

A very happy 8th birthday to McKinzee.


Rainbow said...

Happy Birthday McKinzee, your grandmother is an awesome lady, make sure you cherish your time with her and make lots of memories.

Bethe thank you for sharing :)
Rainbow (Gina)

Thisisme. said...

Wishing McKinzee a very happy birthday. She looks such a cutie in that photograph. Those shoes are awesome! Twinkle Toes indeed! I'm sure she will be so thrilled with all her presents. Hope you are okay my friend.

Sush said...

Happy Seventh Birthday to McKinzee! We love Twinkle Toes in this family! My daughter gave a pair to our granddaughter for Christmas. She would stomp and giggle and stomp and giggle...the granddaughter that is! She's going to be two this month so she was fairly new to shoes and those were just sheer delight!