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Daily Journey

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Another Poem Wrote In Late 80's (Beauty)

Another poem I found that I wrote about the same time in the late eighties as the last one I posted.
I did a lot of writing durning this time period.
There was a lot going on in my life.
I find that when I need to express myself the most I tend to write a lot. So I wrote a lot durning this time period as there was tons going on in my life at the time.
Some makes sense some doesn't. So I guess some of my writing was just rambling.
I guess that is why I enjoy the writing prompts it is much different then just writing to express what is going on in my life.
Though some piece's I have written from prompts do express what is going on in my life.
Interesting how that writing is a great way to grow and heal. Express and just be you.
I love it!

There is a beauty within us all
Beauty is what we reach for
Beauty is within  each of us
Beauty is what we reach within to find
To give to all
Beauty is to share
To give to all who will listen
And share the beauty
The beauty is within all of us
Beauty is the person within each one to share
The beauty is a person loving and sharing
All the today's and tomorrows
Beauty is all we can give


Do you find writing healing, expressions or.............?

1 comment:

cj Schlottman said...


This poem is lovely! Yes, I do write for healing. I don't think I could have endured he losses in my life if I hadn't been about to write down my feelings about them. Working in hospice, I think, is where my last poem ("If I Die Young)" came from. I need a way to see it in a different light than the one at work. Thanks so much for the encouraging comment you left.