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Daily Journey

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thursday Short Story Slam Week 7 ~ Bluebell Books Prompt

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We are to use at least four of the above mentioned words in a story, prose, poem, or we can apply all of them.
So here I am working on another fun challenge.
I'm finding these a nice break away from the stress I have been under the last few weeks.
I'm hoping that it will ease up in the days ahead.
In the mean time lets have some fun and distress!

Dancing music in my head
Telling me a story
As I laid on the beach
Trips of safari's
In jungle's in far away lands
Dancing monkey's
Sipping on coconut juice
With slices of banana's
Dreaming on the beach
Of the safari
Where the jungle is filled with story's and tales
Of a monkey who raised his own coconut's and banana's
Listening to the music and tales
Of the safari in the jungle
Where the Monkey is King
As he sips on his coconut juice
In search of the best banana plantation
With riches in his hand
The story is told
That he dreamed of white sandy beaches in far away lands
With music dancing from tree swing to tree swing
Banana in hand
Sipping on his coconut juice
Telling the story of the day he sat on white sandy beaches
Far away from the safari and jungle
Dancing to the music of
Beach bunnies and surfer tunes
The monkey dances in my head
As the music plays
He is telling me a story
As I laid on the beach dreaming of the jungle safari
Sipping on coconut juice
Dreaming of the far away land


Do you like laying on sandy beaches listening to music and dreaming of far away places?

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Dishilicious said...

yes,yes, yes, i do :)
nice one.

Marbles in My Pocket said...

I smiled when I came to the line about beach bunnies and surfer tunes. I was a teenager in the sixties. Ding goes the bell!
Nicely done.

kez said...

cool thank you for sharing and yes I long for the beach !

Jingle said...

wow, musical word flow.
well done.

Jeanie McBain said...

Most enjoyable, lovely written visuals :)

MISH said...

A lovely poem ... and I also love the beach !

Kay said...

Oh, you've noooooooooo idea! This is great! xoXox

e.a.s. demers said...

Very cute!

Anonymous said...

an enjoyable read! now off to the beach for more dreaming :)