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Daily Journey

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

365 Days Of Pictures ~Day 21

Pure Love
I went in search of some photos for my daughters. They had requested some that they really would like to have. As well I'm in search of some very old ones as well for some projects I'm working on. I found this one. Of my middle daughter in her grandfathers lap. She adored him. He was the light of her life. Her the apple of his. In fact all the granddaughters where each one an apple in his eye and brought much delight to him and his wife. You can see the love in her eyes as she looks up to him adoringly in this photo. Him as proud as any grandpa could be. He passed awhile back it broke all of my daughters hearts. He was always there for them. He was for me as well. Which is strange when I think about it. He was my ex husbands father. Yet, both him and his wife loved me so much. Also told me I was the daughter they never had. We remained close through the years until both their passing. They where always there for me when I need help or just someone to talk with. Just like parents would be.Thank you Lord for them! It has been hard on my girls as they helped me raise them. My mom and family lived in another state and I was all alone with the girls. I thank God how he watched over me even back then. He gave me good in-laws even when they became ex in laws. It never seemed that way though, they always remained family. Grandpa you are missed. So this is my picture pick for my daughter, who so loved her grandpa. It was one of the pictures she was wanting. It is one of our favorites!

Do your children ask for old photos of them when they where younger?

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