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Daily Journey

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lent Letter's To God~ 15

Hey God it is me Beth,
How are you this evening? It has been a full day of adventures and visiting with my ladies and gents.
Up early I was. I didn't sleep so well last night. Not sure why. Maybe because dear hubby was up with TV late last night very late. I don't know why that would bother me as I go to sleep with one on most of the time.
The salon was hopping with activity today but had a long hour or so with nothing going on. It was a great time to go visiting and mingling today with the resident's. I actually enjoyed visiting with all the resident's and just telling them hello.
I think they like it as much as I do.
Mr. Heeley came by today. I have him scheduled for a hair cut. I so miss not taking care of him. But he is much better off here. 
Miss Shari was by today and we talked again about my up coming work at her salon. She actually has some ladies already scheduled. One that I did back in January Lord. She is excited to have me do her hair. So nice that they love to have me care for their beauty needs. It is a wonderful gift you have  blessed me with to be able to bless them with the care of their beauty needs. It is the gift that keeps on giving in my book. It gives to them and me both. What a great job that has such huge paychecks of the heart and one that helps with the finical needs at home as well. Thank you for these skills Lord.
After work today I gave Ms. RJ a call. What a wonderful visit I had with her. And what a blessing as well. I am so rich in friends and love that you have surrounded me with. Thank you just is never enough. May I be so humbled and such a friend as they are to me. They each truly represent your true character and love. She has fixed up the house so cute Lord. She was making great little flower arrangements. The boys are getting so big!
She blessed me with a bag of fresh elk meat. Yummy! Had to re-arrange that refrigerator when I got home. That took a little doing since it is so small. I so look forward to the day we have a bigger place and more room with a big refrigerator. Not to mention space, storage and more everything
She as well gave me a bag for donations. I must work on that. I haven't gone and done hair cuts in awhile in the shelter homes. I know that is such a blessing. I need to make some calls on that again. Make room for them on this schedule that is crazy. Not just for the hair cuts but i have this make up that the ladies will be so blessed to have.
I love following your schedule Lord. It brings me greater peace and enjoyment when I am following you and your lead.
I was sharing with Ms. RJ about my journey in the letters we have been doing. How excited I am everyday to see your gifts, reveals and what lessons are learned and what you are speaking to me about. That I look for you in every aspect more than I did every before.
I also had Shelly over for a short visit this evening as well. We were checking out the new limited edition line in my Mary Kay Business. We had so much fun laughing and giggling like school girls. Ewing  and oohing over the new products.
It has been a few days of nothing but wonderful friends coming by or me dropping by to them.
Now this weekend on my business trip it will be filled with my girlfriend's and business associates What can be better.
This has been such a great journey so far. I cannot believe that we are already on day 15.
It seems the lessons I'm learning at this point are the reflections of my friends and how they reflect you and your love. That this is about reflection and reflecting you and your goodness and love.
Again it has been on being on the path you lead me and how your provision is over the top when we stay focused upon you and what you have for us. Keeping our focus on you and not the world at large and our own agenda's. You will always bless us but the richest and best are in your perfect will for us.
I'm learning as well on this journey with you through the letter's Lord; that it is about me learning to be happy in the moment I'm in and to take pleasure in what is going on around me. Being happy with who I am and who I am in you. Loving those whom you place in my life and giving my best to them as you do to me. Taking time and investing in them and what is important to them. Giving my all, just as you gave your all in your Son! WOW! We will always fall short but can never go wrong when we give it our best and put our bet foot forward.
I'm loving this time in writing these letters to you Lord. They reveal so much and I hold so much in and back from  what I really could pour out. I thank you that each day is better than the last.
I love you so much my heart sings with joy.
Loving you Beth

Do you like to have friends drop by or go by their homes?

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