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Daily Journey

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 24 - A picture of something you wish you could change.

Day 24 - A picture of something you wish you could change.

Rain Rain Rain
 Lately the only thing I have want to change is the weather.
I so want to have sunshine and warmth. I want "Old Man Winter", to go away and stay away.
I'm so done with this wet, rainy, stormy, gloomy, cold weather.
I am a Summer girl that is for sure! I would love to be where it is Summer all year around. I love a 100 degrees plus weather.
I live in  sweaters until it hits the 80's. So you ask; Why do I live in the wonderful PNW. While I'm from this area; my family lives here. My hubby loves it here. So I live here because this is where dear hubby wants to live.  Says it is where he wants to spend the rest of his life. Wonders how I could have ever left when I was younger. Could be I wanted the warmer sunshine I'm sure! I would move in a heart beat. I would even be a snow bunny. I'd leave in the late Fall and come back in the late Spring. It would actually be perfect to me. August is beautiful here! Actually all the seasons are specular here. It truly is beautiful here in the PNW. It is God's country to me! It is so beautiful! I'm sure it is because of all the rain they get here in the PNW.
More Rain
I would move in a heart beat though. I would even be a snow bunny if I could afford that. Maybe someday in the future. (Dreaming)
I would move to Arizona or Florida, in a heart beat, I'm sure. I love the hot warm sunshine that you see and hear about. That is where I would choose to live and retire. Oh well! Not going to at this time.
I would move in a heart beat!
I would move in a heart beat. Though across the states all the weather patterns have been crazy.
So ... I would change the weather.

And More Rain And Rain

It is very hard to get photos of the rain. It is thunder and lighting so I really didn't want to be outside at all. But the question was what do I want to change? So this is what I want to change; the weather!
Rain, rain, go away and come and play another day. My new motto and theme for the day or this week of rainy weather.  Rani, rain go way!

Do you like the rain and thunder along with lightening?


Sandy McCollum said...

I like the thunder and lightening, but I don't cherish the rain at all! I would like to live in FL or AZ and come here for visits in a heartbeat, too. I'd have to have more money than I have now, tho.

LV said...

You can keep the cold. I do not well in the winter. As for rain, send all you can here. We are in a drought. No rain for months and none coming.

Laura said...

Do you know that I love the rain? But you are right...too much of a good thing is too much :).

Your comment over at my place was so tender. I will pray for the friend you mentioned. I just...can't even wrap my mind around it. The world is praying. Imagine that chorus of voices ascending to the heavenlies. That's pretty awesome.

msdewberry said...

This could be our place in the Northwest. It rains entirely too much here. I sometimes long for the sunshine too. Nice wet photos!

Anonymous said...

I think those pics are beautiful {altho I rarely see rain in AZ} but they just look so peaceful :D