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Daily Journey

Friday, March 25, 2011

365 Days Of Pictures ~Day 30

The Cane
The years of walking
The holding on
The years of having to depend upon
My cane
That holds me up
Represents the age I am
My cane
It helps me
From one point to the other
This cane
My third leg
My cane
It keeps me strong
My cane
It balance's me
You see I need that extra strength to lean upon
My cane
It keeps me independent
My cane
My helping aid
My cane
It helps me to stand alone
This stick of wood
My cane
My new found friend
My cane
Gives me style and grace
With Independence's
This friend of mine
The cane
This cane brings me dignity
With freedom to roam
To be on my own
My friend
The Cane

Do you have or use a walking cane?
Socrates Is Downstairs


JL Dodge said...

This is fabulous, Thank you for joining in on our propmts hope to see you often !

Kathe W. said...

Beth- thanks for all the nice comments you write on my photo blog. I am so impressed by your blog with it's love and caring shing through your photos and words.