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Daily Journey

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lent Letter's To God~ 23

Dear God,
Goodness gracious what a full long day. You are truly blessing me with  amazing things and gifts through my day. Even when they are so full, busy and over the top.
Up early! And I seem to stay up late. I know the only way that can possible happen is with your grace and wonderful infused energy into this body of mine. Thank you.
It is funny to watch Hubby and I fight over the dressing area when we both have to be at work at the same time. I should have gotten up even earlier Lord. But I struggle already with getting up early. I would much rather sleep late. Tomorrow should be fun as well. A repeat of today.
Praise You God! That you wake me everyday with your gentle morning touch with no alarm. So happy!
I meet some amazing new ladies today out at the Clackmas salon today.
Though I must say I don't understand how they think after being under the hair dyer for five minutes that they would think their hair is dry and ready for a comb out. Way to funny! But... I call this going with the flow. They just don't want to stay under. So Shari said comb them out. I laugh but they all are happy. So .... I guess that is all that counts. Plus clean heads and well brushed hair what more could you possible want?
They seem to want to rush through the process. My theory when I get my hair done is to enjoy the process the pampering and R&R of the whole experience. I wonder if they think they are missing out on something?
So as I reflect on this day. I thank you for gracing me with the humor of these new ladies that I will be taking care of the next few weeks; well their regular hairdresser is on vacation.
Thank you Lord for allowing me to be apart of each one of their life's as they share and just ramble about whats on their minds.
Was home late for me this evening. So no walk for CK girl and I. Kinda sad about that. Especially since the sun is trying to pop out. Maybe tomorrow.
I feel like I had no unwind time. Rushing from one thing to another as the evening closed.
So off to dinner we went.
So as I sit and write my letter to you this evening. I'm thinking about each lady that came into the salon. How each had something special to add to my life as you brought them across my path. I may not know tonight or tomorrow. But they have added some small piece of richness to it that wouldn't be there otherwise. Each one brought their own smile and bit of humor to the salon and me.
I thank you for allowing me to be used by you and being a blessing to each one.
So as I close this day and prepare for tomorrow I will close in prayers for each lady that you brought in today from rehab. That you would reveal the lessons learned from each one.
I know for sure the human spirit is a remarkable one as I watch in amazement as each one struggles to fight to go home and recovery totally from whatever health ailment is effecting them. That the love of a human touch and making one feel as beautiful as they truly are is a good medicine. That the love and feeling good about ones self helps in the speedy recovery.
I'm learning so much working with the elderly and sick even in the hair business Lord. What a wonderful gift to make another feel wonderful and beautiful. Yes! The human touch is so important. The touch of another one that makes you feel special.The hands are your gift of healing in some small way. Thank you.
Blooming Colors
Thank you for the beauty each one places in my life daily and the love you pour out to me each moment of the day. As you use my hands to work some small gift of beauty and love with them through the gift you gave me.

Goodnight and I love you Lord
Praising your glory

Are you amazed as I am at the spirit of the human body?

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