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Daily Journey

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lent Letter's To God~ ?

Hello Lord,
It has been an amazing couple of days. But you always seem to bless above and beyond my wildest hopes and dreams. Thank you for always surpassing anything I can dream or imagine.
Yesterday was such a beautiful drive up to Tacoma. It was a nice drive up with the girls. We caught up on idol chat, or just everyday girl chatting.
Rikki and I covered religion of course! So much there! Meaning man made not You. Always a fascinating topic for her and I. It seems Rikki and I love covering this subject. We both realized we miss some traditional things about the Catholic church that we both  grew up in. Things surely do change. Not always for the best either.
We had a lovely lunch on the way up and dinner in Tacoma.  Though dinner was a bit more of a challenge. II think those poor waitress's and waiter's needed to learn to have eye contact as well as smile. Friendliness sure goes along ways. They were surely short on it there at that restaurant.
I think it is sad when one cannot give eye contact nor a smile. I love passing them out all day long even to complete strangers with a big hello. Thank you for that gift as well.
Then the training started at 7 until 10.
I was so tried when we got back to the room. Sometimes I think when I get that tried it is so hard to go to sleep. I sure tossed allot last evening. Am so glad to be home in my own bed this evening. the room was very nice though. Love it and the roommates.
The day started early Lord. As always you never let me down. But those girls wake to an alarm. Oh dear! I surely know from my prospective I don't like those alarms at all!
Had a great breakfast before heading over to the conference hall.
Rikki wasn't feeling good. She had to leave; so I went and prayed with her Lord. Got a hold of Cindy and decided it was best to leave early and take Rikki home. So home bound we were before the day even started.
I kept Cindy company while Rikki slept in the back seat. Oh Lord! It is never fun when people we love don't feel good.
So then I was wondering what this trip was about since it ended so abruptly with Rikki being ill.
Even Cindy aid when I figure it out let her know too. But honestly Lord.
I think it was bout being willing to be there for a friend and give up this conference to be able to make sure she got home where she could receive the care she needed as well as being there as support to Cindy who was the driver.
It is wonderful to be pliable in your hands and willing to change the day even if there is something we think is more pressing. It isn't more pressing than what you would have for us.
When I got home I just sat and rested mostly. I wrote some poems on my blog that where a challenge for me. I had fun. I also was outside taking some semi-Spring pictures in between the showers today.
I really enjoyed the beauty and the crisp fresh air. I think it was actually warmer in Tacoma than it is here in Portland. Way funny to me.
I go some of the bills made out. I always think Lord could we please not have to pay these. But you always somehow provide miraculous above and beyond what we need. Thanks for that!
So David, and I went for dinner and enjoyed the evening out. It was a late night.
I think today I learned that sometimes we just have to be willing to let go of our plans to go with yours and be there for others even when its not comfortable or convenient for us. That you will always work it out and bring all things together for your good and glory.
Interesting that Cindy and I talked about reflection and the past with some interesting memories that have been created over our friendship. How we meet when I first moved here and how things could have been so much different had I never meet her and became a Mary Kay consultant. Thank you so much for sending her into my life. The friends and the relationships that I have so valued. The many ways I  have grown in from this opportunity in business. I would have never dreamed that in a million years.
Growth with the willingness to change and follow you even when it doesn't make sense.
Beauty Reaching For The Heavens
I guess I will understand more of the details of this event as you reveal them to us all.
I did enjoy the little bit of a get away.
I love you and look forward to the drawing of a new tomorrow with new adventure's in my day.
I love you.
Your tried daughter Beth

How's the weather where you live?

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