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Daily Journey

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lent Letter's To God~ 14

Dear Lord,
Your sweet crease of sunlight woke me sweetly this morning. I was up and running before I knew it.
It started a bit grey though as the day went you blessed us with blue sky's and sunshine. It always makes me feel so much better to see the sun. Thank you.
My dear friend Randi was planting Tulip bulbs this morning. It truly does feel like Spring and new begins when you see the baby blooms coming up and peeking there heads to the broken sunshine and misty rain drops.
I had so much I wanted to accomplish today but felt I got nothing done. But I'm sure in your eyes we got lots done. As we spent time with old friends and caught up. I thank you for those treasured friends and the time we are able to spend just chatting.
CK and I took several small walks today and one long one this evening. I think the last one was a bit hard on the old girl. But I'm so glad I have her for a companion. Thank you for blessing us with her. She brings such joy and happiness into out lives and home.
Today has been filled with treasured friends. Friends are the gift from you that gives small glimpse's of your love for us through each one; as they each have a different facet of the diamond that they represent in you. I love my friends Lord. I love them so much as they always seem to make to listen and just be there. They can turn a gloomy day into sunshine. They can bless you in ways you cannot even dream. I'm grateful for each one you have graced me with in my life. Each one brings such value and encouragement to me. Each one a  representative of your perfect love.
One lesson I learned today Lord, is that I wish hubby would learn to turn off the news and live in the moment of life we have. There is so much to worry about that if we spend all our time worrying about what if and what can we lose. It takes away from what you truly have for us. Its the moment we are losing right then and there. The moment we are in and the blessing you have for us.
Enjoy the moment you are in you will never catch it again.
Thank you for the moments that turn into the memories of a life time.
I so enjoyed the walk this evening catching small glimpse's of Spring everywhere. But..mostly catching the glimpses of your love from heaven poured down to earth for me.
Its the moments that we need to catch and see the gift in the moment. Thank you Lord for your perfect love and revealing yourself to me in the budding plants the sunsets, the laughter and smiles of the children. That is the moments to hold onto. Not the worry or what ifs or maybe tomorrow. It is the here and NOW!

Each day holds a moment from you more precious than the one before. Thank you Lord for blessings me.
See you in the evening hours, in the morning light, the walk in the afternoon light as we talk and the close of the day as we share the memories that we created.
I love you.
Hugs and Kisses

What is your favorite time of day?

1 comment:

Petra said...

Love seeing the flowers start to come up out of the ground. :) What you said about worrying is sooo true, and I can relate to that. There is so much to worry about, but worrying won't make it better. Enjoy every day that you have.