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Daily Journey

Friday, March 18, 2011

Lent Letter's To God~ 10

Dear God,

Glimpse's Of Springs Popping Up
What an amazing day again. I was sharing with the ladies today about how I have been writing you letters of conversation. They where so blessed by that. It was off to a bit of a slow start today. Then it was crazy time. They all show up about the same time. I also have another new client thank you.
It was so interesting Lord you brought a nail tech to the shop today. She was a very nice lady. Very bubbly. I was sad I had no work to refer to her. I'm sure I may eventually. As I do get asked every now and then about a nail tech. She took my business card. Very cool. It is interesting how you have been bringing allot of different people across my path that maybe interested in my Traveling end of the hair business.
It was great for her to stop in as well. She was allot of fun to speak with about the business. She had some information about licensing that I wasn't aware of.  Which was great information to know about.
Today was more  reflection the love you have bestowed upon us so freely Lord. The healing and just caring for every need that we have need of. things we may not even know we have need of yet, but you do and are already preparing for us.
My brother is still in hospital and then found out his best friend who has been helping us with brother is been ill as well. My goodness Lord. Yet through it all you have been with each one of them and our families and so many others that are suffering and hurting. Your grace love and healing is always there for us for the asking and taking.
I was thinking gosh how different things where just a year ago. Things sure do change fast Lord.
Then today is dads birthday along with Miss Sally.
I'm thankful for having my dad with us. As last year he was very ill and we almost lost him. Now we are praying for my brother. How strange that is. But... you already knew this was going to happen. Sometimes I think it would be easier to know but... then it would be to over whelming. Thank you that dad is still with us and is continuing to get healthier everyday as well as my brother Lord..
Miss Sally is waiting upon hearing from her surgeon. Just seems like so many people are in great need Lord.
I almost feel funny sitting here. I feel like I could do something yet. I know what the that something is ... It is prayers to you and for their many needs. I thank you for our times of prayer Lord.
So much to be reflective about once again.
I was looking in the mirror today and was thinking gosh I'm looking "OLD"! I also thought WOW! I look like my mom. I've never looked like my mom to be before I always thought I was the daughter that took after her dad in looks and in disposition. But today I saw that I looked like my mom. That was so awesome to me in so many ways. I have never seen my mom in me before. So I wonder how much I look like you and reflect you Lord? I pray everyday that it is closer to you then the day before everyday.
So much food for thought.
Much reflection.
Thank you for the amazing love and the reflection of seeing something more in the mirror than just my reflection.
I love you so much.
Goodnight I look forward to our adventures this weekend.
Your daughter Beth

Who do you take after your mom or dad?

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