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Daily Journey

Monday, March 14, 2011

Lent Letter's To God~ 6

Hey God it is me Beth. Thank you for the awesome day today. I got to sleep in and I loved that since my body was in an upheaval over the time change.
I just kind of kicked it most of the day. I got a wonderful phone call from my friend and I appreciate it so much that she called. We shared so much and prayed about everything. It is always so awesome to hear from her and share all that is on my heart. I know she loves me no matter what, just like you do. We laughed and poured out our hearts then prayed for one another. How grand is that even across the miles we can connect and share our burden's, hopes and desires with those we love. As though we are sitting right there in one or the others living room having a cup of tea.
Makes me think that is how I see the time we share here a I write and talk to you. As I pour out my thoughts and feeling to you Lord.
I shared my letter to you. How I just wanted to commit to this special time of sharing like she and I did today on the phone.  It is such an awesome time of just relating to you, my thoughts of the day and what is going on around me.
Today seemed to be more of a day or preparations of the week ahead. Preparing for the work and for those coming to do work for us. It was a day of making phone calls and checking on things that need to be done.
So today I felt you speaking to me about preparation and being prepared.
With all the things going on around the world; with it spinning out of control. I felt it was your way of saying to me; Beth be prepared let your light so shine. Again another day of reflection of how I show your love to this world and those around me. How I can share you through my daily walk and journey in my life.
Over all Lord, it was just a quiet day of just resting, listening and opening my heart to the stillness of the day.
Letting it just be that. Which I think is so hard for me personally as I'm always on the go; needing or feeling I need to be doing something. I think this is a learning process of learning how to be still in the stillness and just enjoying the peace and quiet that brings.
Thank you for that revelation Lord. I love you so much for your gentle hand always just showing me how to be still and let you be God!
I love you Lord. I will meet you the evening close. I will wake to your morning light, I will enjoy the glory of the day that you hold for me.
Till tomorrow Lord Beth


forgetmenot said...

Thanks for coming by my blog. Such a lovely letter-prayer. Sometimes it is so beneficial to write out our thoughts--it seems to make them so much clearer when they are in print.
So nice to have such a good friend to share with. Have a lovely, peaceful, and blessed Tuesday. Mickie :)

Deanna said...

You are so right, we just never know when things will take a different turn in our lives. Being prepared...I don't think any of us are really ever prepared for disaster but with His guidance, we can face anything.

Happy PS
Deanna :D