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Daily Journey

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

365 Days Of Pictures ~Day 35

This photo was taken in Tacoma Washington.
I didn't realize when I was taking the picture of the building in the back which is the Hotel "Murano" that we were staying at. That the front building had so much glass on it and was reflecting the beautiful clouds in the sky.
Guess I should pay more attention. But I was focused on taking a photo of the hotel building. I missed out on the glass building which is just spectacular.
When I loaded the pictures up I fall in love with this building with the clouds. The reflection of the clouds and the beautiful blue sky day they were having was so wonderful.
I'm just sad I didn't notice that before, so that I could have gotten a  bit more centered on the building. I love the awesome picture of that glass building as well  as finding out more information on the building it self.  
It was almost sad we had to be in instead of out enjoying the day. Though it did start raining a bit later. That is the Pacific North West for you.

Glass Beauty Of Reflection

Do you ever realize when your taking photos when you get home you missed out on something spectacular?


Gina said...

what a beautiful pic...I am going to start looking thru your pics as I love taking them myself.

the cloud ones are always awesome.

JL Dodge said...

We take thousands of pictures , and sort them out (good vs. bad) when our memory card is full.
Sometimes We forget what we were shooting, so each is a great surprise, as this one was for you !
Really cool picture !