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Daily Journey

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Prompt~The Dog Was Haivng A Grand time

Today's prompt from "Dodge Writes" over at:

If you like to write poems come along and have so fun and read some great poetry. I'm having fun hope you all enjoy.

Today's Prompt is FIRST AND LAST

Today we will use the line...
The rules are you must use this as your first AND last line in your write, with no changes. You may do your write in prose or any form of poetry.
The dog was having a grand time
Making herself busy
Driving all that came along crazy
She would jump and bark
At all that came along
She would toss and throw her ball to all
She would pace back and forth
As all wondered what her problem was
She would look with wide eye wonder
Please throw the ball
One more time
She would jump and bark
As the ball flew through the air
Only to tumble to the ground
As she sprint to retrieve the ball
All wondered at this dog
Who was driving all  that came along crazy
Making her self busy
This wide eyed wonder
As she played
With this ball
This happy dog that was driving all crazy
The dog was having a grand time

Do you have a dog that likes to chase balls?


Greyscale Territory said...

Strange how a dog's total craziness in fun means we are just left with the craziness! Delightful poem!

JL Dodge said...

Love it Beth,You did the prompt justice !
My my my you are a busy one on Monday's love all the posts, that bistro sounds like a blast, though we are not the type to wait in line !

Well we are off to do our monday prompt... Thanks again for joining us !