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Daily Journey

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Three Word Wednesday Promt~

This prompt and link comes from "Three Word Wednesday" that I will be writing from today. I wont link up as I don't know how to just link this page and that is their request. So I'm sad I wont be able to do that part. But I'm still learning and haven't figured that part out as of yet. How to just link the one post to a link. So if anyone knows please feel free to help me thank you.

You might also check out "Dodge Writes" for other writing prompts listed for today over at:

Where was the loud noise coming from?
I knew I would have to find it soon.
As the riches joys come from living life loud and boldly.
I would search high and low
The persuasive sounds where drawing me in.
I had to find them.
As the persuasive noise was drawing me in
That was ringing loudly all around
 Who and what was making the richest sounds
Of joyful living
And living boldly
The loud noise was drawing me in
I felt all the richer for finding the
Loud, persuasive, riches, sound
That came from my happy home

Does the noise in your home draw you to join in on the fun?


Thisisme. said...

Bethe - it took me ages to get the hang of these link ups. What you want to do is to scroll down on your blog page to your Blog Archives (under the Amazon ads). Click on whichever post you want to link. So, for example, here you would click on the Three Word Wednesday prompt. When you've done that, the name of the post will appear right in the long thin box at the very top of your page (it will begin with http:// You then click on that until it is highlighted in BLUE. You then right click until a little box comes up, and you select copy. You then go back into the page that is asking for your link. Put your cursor into that box and then click the left hand button again, and select paste. The blog post you want to link will then be entered into that box. This sounds very complicated, but, honestly, it is really easy - once you know how! Hope this helps. Any queries, let me know.

LV said...

I wish I could help you. I do good to get my own post up each week. I am not sure if I even understand what Thisisme is trying to tell you. I have no idea how to do this. I will keep her suggestion for my own info.

Gina said...

I love your blog today :) thank you for stopping by today. You are right everybody should put Mt. Scott on their bucket list....there is so much beauty in nature if we would just look around it's everywhere.

hope you week is going well

hugs n blessings

JL Dodge said...

You are so awesome Beth, you do all the prompts so well ! We feel it is a blessing that you follow us.. thank you !

Thisisme told you just what you need to do, as she said is sounds harder than it is, if you know how to copy and paste you are half way there...