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Daily Journey

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Growing Spiritually

Well as the days are moving forward I feel I'm standing still. I find myself thinking I need to think more outside the box to move forward with great success, in every aspect of my life.
This would mean that I would have to look at things in a new prospective. Find new ways to mature myself as a person. Being able to advertise myself  for work and business. To be able to grow dimensionally in all areas of my life so that I would stay balanced. To be able to stay in line with the things of the Lord, with every aspect of my life.
Total harmony!
I'm finding new ways first and foremost in staying connected with my Father in Heaven. As this is the start of balance. Starting the day before my feet hit the floor in prayers and asking Him to guide me through the day will not just be enough. It will mean finding new ways as I go about my business, staying fully connected with Him in communication throughout the day. Talking to Him like I do my best friend all day long. Because truly He is my very best friend and cares for me and what happens in each and every detail and aspect of my life. Asking Questions, being silent and waiting to hear that small still voice inside of me. Shutting out all the other voices that come in to lead me astray from the things of God and what He would have for me.
Reading His word daily. Having a good study bible along with a devotional. Having the good study habits to make this happen daily. Not just having them sitting there collecting dust but opening them up daily and using them to hear from the Lord and grow in who I am.
Using the word of God for the road map of my life and the journey I'm on so I don't get side track onto the bunny trails of life. Which are many and will happen. I love exploring. But lets face it to many of them can get us lost from the things we need to be doing. They distract us from the important things in life. Sometimes they lead us totally astray and get us into binds we have no business in in the first place. This would help us stay on track and focused on the things that we need to be doing. There are so many paths along the road of life to choose from. Being focused and connected to the one who has our best interest before Him is the taking His hand, allowing Him to lead us down the correct path He would have us to go.
Listening to up lifting and encouraging music and inspirational material that will help me grow into who I'm created to be. Having the positive affirmations and the words God says about me and not the world.
Posting them where I can see them everyday as a reminder of who I am and how much I'm loved. Saying them out loud dancing as to a love song! The love song of life!
Looking for the positive in everyday.
Being thankful for those things that I have and what I'm blessed with daily through out each given day. Even the annoying little lady in line ahead of me could be the blessing as I'm waiting. The teenager driving that is poking along in the driver Ed car. Looking at each moment of the day as a gift not an annoyance.
Being an encouragement to others and be willing to change my plans if this is the leading of God. Letting Him guide the day and not my way but His.
Being bendable and pliable. Usable for His good and His glory in heaven.
Getting into a good study group where I'm growing in the things of the Lord. Having a real accountability with those I'm connected with in the group. Standing and praying for others needs and being that prayer warrior that is willing to stop and pray whenever the need arises for those around. Not worrying what others think when I stop and pray out loud for the need and the person who asked for prayers.
Listening and not thinking I'm a know it all. Let others give good sound and tried advice. Not discounting it just because it may not fit my style. It maybe just what I need.
Be willing to try new and different things out of my comfort zone.
Be willing!
Get out of the box!
Take God out of the box!
Let God be God!
Watch life change for the better.
Growing more dimensionally.
Having fun!
Enjoying the Journey!
Stopping to smell the roses along the way.
Designing the life that is an honor to God and those around me.

John 8:12
When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, "I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness,but will have the light of life."

Are you wanting to grow in your life spiritually or some other way and how?

1 comment:

JL Dodge said...

We love this, it speaks to on so many levels...
the last few line would be a great montra to say daily !
Nice post !