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Daily Journey

Sunday, March 27, 2011

CK's Review~ Lean Treats

Oh yes! Ck has a review. One with a great opinion and thought.
As you see she has a bit of excitement on her muzzle.
She is very alert and ready for that extra special treat!
But first she must give her Doggie review!
MOM! You really bought them!

Yes! Mom bought you those yummy treats from the Vet's office.
As you see from the view on the package the CK girl has the same reaction as the Dalmatian does.

I find these treats handy in training and something special to carry in your pocket when out on walks.

As you see they are small in size.So they would be perfect for any size dog or breed. I love that they are "lean treats" those the name. Healthy and good for them.

You can only purchase this treat from your Vet's. So as you see CK was really wanting mom to purchase those special "Lean Treats".
As she would only get this special treat when we go for our three week check at the Vet's.
I think she thought she was going there when she saw the "Lean Treats" come out in my hand.

No! CK mom isn't taking you to the Vet's this package of "lean Treats" are yours for at home. Just for you! You don't even have to share with other doggies unless you want too.

They are made with skinless chicken in small bite size pieces. Nutrisentials put them out. Made and distributed in the United States, in Dublin, Ohio.

Oh Mom! Are they really for me?

 Yes! Ck they are really for you!
I think I'm going to get one of those yummy treats right NOW!
And I'm not even at the Vets! How could this be?!

Oh mom! I'm so excited and they are so good!
Love those "Lean Treats"!

What do you mean I cannot have any more?
As soon as you do your review CK girl, you can have more.

Hello! My name is CK.
 I highly recommend you buy these "Lean Treats" at your Vet's for your special pooch in your life.
They will be over the top flipping somersaults  pleased you did.

Now I don't want to be rude or anything;  But......
Get you hands off my stash!
Dont mess with my stash of "Lean Treats"!
Go buy your own bag of "Lean Treats" and you will be glad you did.

That's noway to treat me when I'm giving a review mom. I would like more please!
I'm working hard here with this review. I need more to continue to share my AWESOME! Opinion.

Now as I was saying; all owner's listen up here. If you want your spacial pooch to perk up every time you want them to do some silly trick for you; and perform well each time. Well then this is the treat that will work. Buy "Lean Treats" at your Vet's today.
They will perform tricks until you tire of them. They will be like the energizer bunny!

Mom likes to get me moving so she will get the treats out. As I'm getting older I don't like to move so fast. But... When she pulls out "Lean Treats" it is all she wrote for this Ol' Dog! MOVES!

NOW! That's what I call a tongue licking good treat!
"Lean Treats" can be found at your local Vet's today.

Do you have special treats you like to train your dog with or just give them because you love them?


Thisisme. said...

Hee Hee! Funny post Bethe!, but CK did very well with the review. Couldn't believe they were skinless chicken. They look like chocolates!

Becky said...

Great pictures! I just noticed on another blog that you said you were having issues with blogger, are you using Internet Explorer? If so you will want to change browsers. They are having issues with that one. They are suggesting Google Chrome, but I already had Firefox and I used it and it straightened up my issues. Just thought I'd let you know. :0)