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Daily Journey

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 25 - A picture of your day.

Day 25 - A picture of your day.

Welcome to my Salon! This is where I spend my Wednesday's and Friday's.
I have the most honored job of making these lovely ladies more beautiful then they already are. There are a few gents that come by as well and spend some time here with us.
We have a delightful time.
You will notice the shop is a bit dated. It has fifties furniture, which was there when I took the salon over three years ago. The hair dryer actually has a ash tray in the arm of it.
You'll notice I have an old desk as my station to work at. It is all so funny to me! But it is my small place in the world to make others feel beautiful. God has blessed me with this unique shop to be a blessing to these lovely clientele.
It is a very small place. Just big enough to turn around in. Which we have discovered is a small blessing. As most of my ladies need help moving form one chair to another. The room being as small as it is "No Walkers Allowed"!
So I do lots of transferring. We do allot of dancing, they lovingly call it musically chairs. I say lets do a waltz! I play music all day long. Usually Christian, or  old crooners, and the Big bands. Something they would love and enjoy!
Yes! I'm very tried by the end of the night.
I dream of my remodel. I dream of a floor cushion for the floor where I stand. I dream for newer equipment. I really pray for shampoo bowl that can be used for those in wheel chairs and that would move up and down and doesn't leak. I pray as well for more than one hair dryer. I finally had to break down and go buy a portable; Which is funny when I have that going with all the other things running in there trying to move around..You see the are times I actually have about six people int this square box room of a salon. We have a ball! 
I pray the Lord provide a finical windfall to bless this establishment with a room make over for these dear sweet ladies and gents. Not to mention it would be much easier on me.
My hydraulic after you pump it up starts to slowly drop back down without me evening dropping it. My back is sore at night.
But we ALL rejoice that we have this room to make them feel as special and beautiful as they are.
Each one adds such delight to my life. They are constantly telling me how happy they are that I am here. They always make me promise not to leave as they wouldn't know what to do without me. How sweet is that? I'm sure there would be someone else to love on them. But I'm so glad the Lord chose me.
So you see I couldn't just pick one picture to show my day. Hope you enjoyed the small glimpse into my world.

 Is your beauty shop you go to done in modern or vintage?


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Anonymous said...

Love your salon.