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Daily Journey

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lent Letter's To God~ 5

Melting Away

Dear Lord,
Hey it is me Beth! I'm a bit later than I had planned to be. I'm blaming it on this crazy time change. You see I think I would be on time otherwise. So I'm thinking until my body gets it together I'm not sure my time frames are going to be the same as before. I get on a schedule then they throw the time change at us.
I feel like I didn't get allot accomplished today.
I did finish up sorting the twelve months. Now all that is left is the tallying and putting to the tax paper and send.
Still sounds like a lot of work to me Lord. Still wish I didn't have to deal with the tax man at all.
It has been a rainy day all day. CK and I didn't go for our walk. But... we sat around and loved on one another.Thanks for this great dog CK, Lord.
It seemed weird not being out in all of your Creation and beauty that you have created for us to enjoy Lord. I see so much in the beauty of the land and the love you have put into making it for us. The gifts all around for us to see and enjoy.
I have hopped around to a few blogs today. Some had reflection on them. Seems to be the thread that is being woven here lately. I was okay! I'm going down this path works for me. Loved reading and seeing their thoughts penned on reflection. How beautiful each one is. How you have worked it out that I would land upon those with some reflection in them.
You never cease to amaze me how you do that. How you bring each piece together so precisely at the right time and place. How you weave us all together in your greater plan and vision for us all.
My reflections today were more of where you have brought me from and how far I've come; with your loving guidance and hand leading and directing as I follow you. The path has been long and wonderful with you by my side. I don't think I could have made it at all without you.
Wondering how you hold us all until we see our need for you. As then and only then do we actually follow you and your leading.
I ran across one blog that touched my heart today, so much, Lord. She fights for the awareness of Domestic Violence. Brought me back to those days when I was being abused. Then Lord, the prayers I pray for my daughter who deserves so much more. I know you are protecting her and the children I trust you. 
Lord, It is a sad thing that your children go through at the hands of others.
But I'm grateful for the life changes that have come with those you have placed in my life and from your leading me in the direction of your safe haven under your wing of love and protection along with healing. Yes! Lord I have come a long ways. Yet so much more work is yet to be done.
I  want to know you better and be more like you. I want share your love loudly and boldly to others. So that they will be set free as I have been from the strong hold of the enemy's camp.
Today's journey was a quiet one Lord.
I thought about my towels as I washed and folded them. How you have given me a job making the ladies and gents at the assisted home look and feel as great as they truly are. The stories they share. They too go down a memory lane of reflection of times gone by. I'm sure it is different for them then me. As they see the close of their time here drawing near. I still see a future big and bright ahead.
It makes me realize that each person has a worth far beyond any diamond, ruby, precious stone, or piece of silver or gold that we could purchase. Each person leaves such beautiful  prints of their lives with those they have touched. Such richness if we would only stop and be apart of each one you place before us in that day. I pray that I would be that one that does that Lord.
I pray Lord that my life is one that is worthy of touching those whom you have placed before me. That my mark would bring them joy, encouragement, hope, love, and all the attributes of you Lord.
It is amazing how the reflection is so much more. More than looking back. More than seeing myself back in the mirror. The reflection of how others see me. How you see me. How I reflect you.
Blue Sky
Lord I can only say I pray that I would bring honor to you in my reflection whatever it is that is being reflected.
Lord, I look forward to our letter time tomorrow and the journey of the day ahead.
It is fun to see what you reveal in each day to me. Thank you for your gifts and the love you put into each one.
Love you Lord
Your Daughter Beth

I have posted a link to the above mentioned blog. If any of you are interested in checking her out. I think it is still a subject so many feel taboo about. But the lid needs to be blow sky high off of it. So many are harmed by abuse. I'm so grateful to be a survivor and no longer a victim. Praise the Lord! Lets pray for those who are still stuck in this cycle of abuse that they may be set free and healed from it in Jesus name.  National Hot line
Safety1.800.799.SAFE (7233) 1.800.787.3224 (TTY)Anonymous & Confidential Help 24/7
This is a site on my Mary Kay page that deal with her charitable group re guarding issues that effect women. One of them is  "Break the Silence".

There a huge resources out there. Please please if you know of anyone who need help please help them. Thank you! It is because someone loved me that I got the help I needed.

This photo was done with make-up. It is not me now.

It is to make a point that we have hurting women, children and yes men too out there that need our help and prayers. Lets make a difference for them. If nothing else we can pray.

Do you are someone who know suffer from abuse?

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