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Daily Journey

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Lent Letter's To God~ 11

Dear Lord,
Today I was hoping to sleep in a bit. But... alas I just laid in bed not asleep. But I still was resting.
David, went to work as I went to work on some projects around the house. Though to look around you'd think I hadn't done any projects at all. I think  I surely need to focus more and stay centered on completing a task. I'm so easily side tracked. I think somehow I find other things more interesting then move on when I get slightly bored. Not a good habit of mine. But.. they all get done eventually.
CK and I went for a small walk as it started raining once again! Could you please send sun!?! Thank you!
Then back through photos again I started rummaging looking for pictures of my dad and Racheal when she was a baby. I haven't found the ones I'm looking for. I'm thinking they must be buried in that darn garage Lord. I avoid that garage like a plague. I know I will have to adventure out and do some cleaning out there soon. Not what I'm looking forward too. So much to get rid of. Things just seem to appear in there from out of nowhere. How does that happen?
I got to speak with my friend Crystal today. What a super blessing that was. She has such wonderful insight to things. I love being able to pray with her and ask her questions. She is such a wealth of insight, encouragement into many life's. Showing your true identity to other's through her love for you. By showing your loving grace and mercy and the reflection of you in so many ways through her walk and life with you.
Today when we were talking  she mention the word transparency. WOW! Such a wonderful word Lord! We should be transparent to you. Our reflection should be transparent in truth as we reflect the true nature of you Lord. So amazing!
We talked about how the mirror and your word is a beautiful reflection but transparent in the fact that it shows us our flaws so that we can grow to be more like you. How beautiful to think about how we are to be transparent yet reflecting your very nature. Because a reflection doesn't lie. It shows all the flaws and faults, yet stand in beauty when it reflects back to you and your love, grace and mercy. I'm learning so much though this little journey in a new way with you Lord. Insights that give me great peace and food for thought.
I dyed my hair today and washed all that grey away. I love the way I think how you washed away all our sins through the death and resurrection of your son. 
Then I was talking to another friend and she thought I should let it go grey. I laughed so hard I was rolling on the floor. I know you gave me the grey hair. It makes me feel old Lord. So Ii think I will keep dying it for the time being. Just like your son's blood covers us with purity. I'm covering that grey to stay young. (smile and laughing)
Made David a huge dinner tonight. As you know that isn't one of my gifts. So he really enjoys when I cook up a huge dinner. It will feed us for a few nights. I was thinking I might take some to the kids next door with the family. Or to Pat who is alone.
She is such a blessing to me.
I think I made to much food. Almost like when all the kids where still at home, pot size dinner. I feel like I have enough to feed the neighborhood. Thank you.

Then Shelly stopped by to give me a bag of goodies to help those in need. WOW! what a wonderful blessing that is too. I'm having fun dispersing the wonderful items that she is tossing away. As she is down sizing and preparing to move Lord.
All these things such a beautiful reflection of your love and how we all can help one another as we do are daily work and errands. It is really neat how I can see you in each aspect of the day. I love seeing you in my activities and the reflection of your love for me in all that I do.
So today I have learned that when we are transparent we can grow to be more like you as you reveal the flaws so that we can reflect more of you and less of us.
Love you so much Lord.
Thanks for the days blessings, looking forward to tomorrow and what it holds.
This is Beth signing off till we meet in prayers.

How is your weekend rounding out?

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