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Daily Journey

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Write-A-Letter-Wednesday~ Early Morning

Dear Early Morning,
It is time to raise and shine! Yes! I know what  time it is! It says it is time to raise. It is dark outside! My body and my mind says it is still time to sleep. Sleep! What a wonderful thing.
The sleep that gives way to wonderful dreams and beauty rest.
Go away and I will raise at a later time.
Though this quiet time before all arise is such sweetness to the soul. The time I have to enjoy the beauty of the quiet morning sunrise. I so much rather catch a few more shut eyes.
Thank you for the early morning raise.
It is time to get this day started.
It is a slow go!
Morning coffee, time with my Father in heaven. Catch the weather of the day, get that body moving; it is time to start this day.
Get moving for soon you Mr. Early Morning will give way to a mid day adventure.
What will this day bring?
Up we get to start this day.
Thank you Early Morning for the beauty of the quiet of the morning. This time we have I wont forget it gives me that extra strength to see the day through. The beauty of the quiet gives way to the noise of the day.
Good morning to you Early suns rise!
Good morning to this new Day filled with your wonderful adventures.
Thank you Early Morning for the early morning sun rise.
Catch you in the wee early morning hours when all is still and quiet.
Till we meet again

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Great way to brush up on some letter writing skills; or just have some fun!

Do you like getting up before the morning light?

1 comment:

Josie said...

Dear Beth, I am delighted that you've decided to join Write A Letter Wednesday! I love composing letters and I miss the fun of receiving them in the mail. This was a wonderful letter, and with the time change I certainly could relate to it! When I was younger, I was always up early, and I still love early mornings, the quiet in the house, the beautiful sky as it begins to grow light, the fresh morning air. I just wish getting up didn't mean getting ready to head off to work. Sunday mornings are much nicer! But you are right about the fun of waiting to see what surprises and blessings each new day holds. Truely a lovely letter! And thank you for linking to the Write A Letter Wednesday site!