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Daily Journey

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lent Letter's To God~ 9

Dear God,
Getting even a latter start today on our letter. Though you have shown yourself quite strong in every aspect of my life today.
I'm so glad we have this special time. No matter what time it is. Because your time is like a blink of an eye.
Lord today I thank you for revealing to me and showing me how easy it is to teach our children and those around us to emulate you and your love for others.
AS I was working today dear Ms R. was sharing with me how Mr. Dino was going to teach her daughter some wonderful lessons in serving and helping others. She is elven. But I think even if your elven or ninety nine it is never to late to learn.
He was praising you as he normally does first thing in the morning. When he felt your spirit speaking to him. May we all be so sensitive to your sweet Holy Spirit.
He had been saving change. So when his daughter arrived for her visit as she is on Spring break. They wrapped and counted up all the money. They had fifty dollars in change they where going to go cash in at the back. Then they where going shopping for hamburger meat to take down to the missions.
Lord that so blessed me. Such a beautiful lesson Mr. Dino was teaching his precious daughter. A lesson in love and giving.
This money could have easily been spent on a small outing as they have very limited funds. But chose an outing in a lesson of love and giving as you have gave. They where both so excited!
I can hardly wait to find out how this wonderful lesson in giving ended and what the experience was. I can only imagine amazing!
This so spoke to me. I got so excited. I thought Lord would have I wrapped my hard saved coins to go and feed someone less fortunate than I? Knowing I had not much more than they.
What a wonderful thing to show your love to a world that is hurting. We see that now with those suffering and hurting so in Japan Lord. The world around is pouring out and reaching out to help in any way they can. It is an awesome view of how you love us and reach out to us daily Lord.
It is so easy to reflect you in our daily life's if we chose too. I'm so glad for the small lesson's in how easy it really is to reflect you and your love. Just simple everyday task that can change a person and help them to understand, grow to know you and be more like you.
It is funny how a simple act of kindness can change a person day from up side down to a perfectly wonderful over the top day. Thank you so much for these small lessons from friends and children that teach us your ways of love and giving.
I had a lesson today in how even over a phone call one can change the course of ones day. It started out with very bad customer service Lord. But the last person turned it into a fun lesson with lots of learning and the help I needed so much. We laughed all the way through and just made the whole experience's so wonderful. That to me was a reflection of how you would have done things for me. He reflected your love for me by being a wonderful customer service rep. Thank you for the small signs of your perfect love all around me Lord.
Love you so much Lord!
Love Beth

How do you teach your children in the lessons of giving?

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forgetmenot said...

Pretty iris-I'm waiting for mine to bloom. It was a sunset--I'm usually not up and about with a camera in hand to catch a sunrise. But you have to be ready for the sunset because it is "here and gone" in a few minutes. Have a great weekend. Mickie