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Daily Journey

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lent Letter's To God~ 7

Ledges & Raindrops
Dear God,
My goodness has it ever been thundering and lightening allot today. It reminds me of when I was little girl. I had several thoughts and opinions on this theory of the thunder and lightening back then Lord.
Lord, about the thunder and lightening do you think maybe you could answer my longing questions to know the answer to these silly theory's on what you where doing? I use to think maybe you where mad or that you where moving your furniture around!?! So are you? Then one of my friends said no you where bowling!?! Is that what you are doing? I don't which one it is, but it is fun to go back to my childhood thoughts on it.  It is loud and it isn't one of my favorite noises at all. Though I do enjoy the light show very much. The way the lightening lights up the sky is beautiful! It reminds me of fireworks. But instead Lord they are your own personal designed fireworks that you have designed by your glory for us to see your power down here on earth.. Thanks for the light show.
I would say the storm today brought back more childhood reflection and what it means to me today. That I'm defiantly not frightened by it today, like when I was a child. I see your strength, glory and beauty of magnificence in the lite up sky.
Today I do get to do some work for Ms. R. she is always such a delight. She is the balance to what I'm not. She wants to slow the pace down I want to pick the pace up. Somewhere in there is balance. That is what I strife for in my life is balance. It seems that as I get older I am finding more of the peaceful balance. I love that. It is a shame that when I was younger I couldn't find that peaceful balance. I think life would have been much easier. I'm sure there are lessons I wouldn't have learned had I not gone the route I have.
CK and I just kicked it around here this afternoon as we listened to the thunder roll through like rocket ships.
Gray Sky's
I tried taking some pictures of the crazy rain coming down. But Lord the clear drops are hard to catch in my camera. Maybe someday a new one for me. That will have a faster shutter and do more things. I'm learning. I feel like a kid in school with all the learning I have been doing lately.
I was thinking on going through more photos for the girls and my different projects again. I did find a few that brought back some great travel trips that I have been on with friends.
Thank you for those awesome trips to see the country you have blessed me to live in Lord. I am s o blessed and rich to have been able to see as much of this country that I have. So many never get past their own back yards. Kind of like Dorothy in "Wizard of Oz" Lord she want to see the world then the tornado takes the house and she learns there is no place like home. I would agree to some extend about that. I love my home. i love being here. But I love exploring the world you have given me to live in.
I was just tell hubby today Lord that if I could I would travel over to Japan and help. I have no idea how one would go about being apart of something like that. I have always wanted to go and help where there has been great tragedy Lord. I know it is placed in my heart for a reason. Even if it is just to pray for all those people and those  going to help.
Calm Before The Storm
I have been listening to tons of music the last few days. Oh my music really does tell a story of our life and where we have been. What was happening at the time. They can bring a flood of different feeling about.
I'm enjoying the time of reflection preparedness and balance that I'm looking at in this past week. It will be fun to see what the coming days and weeks will bring Lord.
I love you.
Signing off till tomorrow.
Meet in in all of my adventures.

Has it been storming where you live? If so what kind of storm.

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