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Daily Journey

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lent Letter's To God~ 16

Columbia River
Cascade Locks. Oregon
Dear Lord,
I know your probably tired of hearing about how tired I am and the rest of the world about the never ending Winter. So ready for the sun and warmth of sunshine. Bring on the Spring and Summer days Please!

It was so stormy last night and all day long. It is hard to be happy when it is so gloomy outside. I don't know how those that don't know you or serve you do it Lord. It is what I hang onto knowing that you will give us the moments of happiness even in the gloomy days of Winter. I know that in all things you are there in the midst working them all out weaving them into a glorious tapestry. Even in this never ending Winter of cold. I thank you for the beauty that there is in it as well. It has a stillness and peace  so crisp to it that Spring and Summer don't reveal as Winter does.

Refection, stillness, beauty, breathe  taking moments. That is what I have been seeing today. Even in this rainy wet cold of the day, I have seen the reflection of the beauty you create for us daily to enjoy as we take hold of each day and moment in it.

Frozen In Time

I love the stillness of the morning and the evening of the day. Morning for reflecting the beauty of the coming of the day and the evening for reflecting the days end and the lessons learned along with all the many blessings of the day. Breathing in the moments that take my breathe away. There are so many if we stop and look around. As the old adage says "Stop and smell the roses." I'm learning to do that more and not rush through. We miss so much when we do. So happy to slow down and take that deep breathe in and out. Relax and enjoy the beauty.
Even the funny phone call at 6:30 am in the morning that comes as a text voice mail, no clue who it is from that says's I'm loved. Is that you God? How wondrous is that amazing phone call.!?! Who was it from and why?
Enough funds to pay cash for shipping presents to the grandchildren. It is always fun to send a little box of joy there way.
The salon full of new faces to make more beautiful and feel like a million. What a joy that is!
Seeing my friend Nurse Bobbie and getting the best hugs every! Miss her and love her. How wonderful to see her today.
Finishing the day with time left to shop and look for a new dress. Thank you for providing for the dress for my business trip. It will look so nice and professional. The wonderful sales clerk who was so helpful.
As this evening comes to a close. I sit here and am taken aback at the wonder of you. As I sit and think of all I have to do. But in you I have the perfect peace and know all will work out and come together in you as you weave each day each moment and life together in your perfect glory. Giving us enough time to meet each thing in the day with time left to enjoy the quietness of the evening hour.
Summer Dream
I love the reflection of the day as it closing in the way it started. A bit gloomy with rain but with the sweet kiss of your love and the moments that you place for me to capture and enjoy. The beauty in the stillness and the quiet of the evening hour as I reflect on the days journey and the up coming days ahead. I thank you for each one and the people and places you put in my path as I look to you and your glory to lead me in your perfect will and peace that surpasses all understanding.
I'm so glad you are my Father and you love me so much. That you  created  all this beauty for me to enjoy and to take hold of each day. May I never take it for granted or you and all that you have done for me. Each gift waiting to be found an enjoyed by me that you have placed in my path to find. A gift so perfectly wrapped with the touch of your hand of love. Thank you for everything Lord.
Lord tomorrow morning I will do my letter in the morning hours. As you know I will be traveling and I so do not want to  miss not one of our dates in my letters to you.
I love you.
Your daughter Beth

Is morning or evening your favorite time of day?


Holly said...

Hi Beth~
I just love your comments and what you wrote. I especially love the picnic table picture. Yes, Spring is coming... You asked what part of day we liked best. I am a night owl and wish that I could stay late every night. Thank you for stopping by my place...glad to know a fellow question qeen. =0)

Penny said...

Lovely write Beth.