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Daily Journey

Friday, March 25, 2011

Lent Letter's To God~ 17

Good morning Lord,

This is a switch up from talking to you in the evening at the close of my day To coming to you in a short note at the begin of my day. Thank you for giving me the extra time to write you before I leave for the next few days. It is harder to write in the morning not knowing what the day will hold or the journey head.
I'm sure the beauty of the unexpected treasures will surpass my wildest dreams.
I'm looking forward to the time with my girlfriends on this business trip. I actually think I'm looking forward more to the girl time than the business aspect of the trip. I'm sure It will all be wonderful and I will learn plenty. I'm always so blessed and learn so much when i go on these trips.
I thank you for the provision of the fiances for this business trip and the added luxuries and delights that you have and will provide so perfectly for me. Thank you so much.
I am looking forward to taking lots of pictures. I usually do. The girls just laugh like hubby does.
Last evening when i was playing in my clothes I realized what  a beautiful closet of clothing I actually had. It was playing it them and trying them on. Lots of mixing and matching going on. I felt like a fashion model . Then my daughter Amber reminded me how her and her sisters used to like to play dress up in all my heels and some of my clothes when there where little. Those are wonderful memories Lord. Her daughters are making those memories now with her. I need to send them make up to help with the dress up. New fashion~esta is complete with out the polished look.
Lord I love the memories you bring back to mind lately through pictures the girls and so many other ways as well.
I will be making new ones this weekend and it will be with old and new friends on the business trip.
I am looking forward to being able to be the  light and reflection of you on this journey this weekend. May I shine your truth and love to all that I come in contact with so that they would see you and not me Lord.
I love you and will see you during my day as we speak and pray throughout the daily adventures you take me and the others on this weekend Lord. I will be catching up with you in my evening prayers. When I arrive home on Saturday evening I look forward to our time together through y letter to you. Until tomorrow Lord when we meet again in my letter to you. I love you and am excited to find each gift and treasure laid out for me to find and unwrap throughout the next two days Lord. I know you have placed special ones along my path to brighten my day and think upon you.
See you the treasure through day and those you place in my path.
Love your Daughter Beth

Do you have big plans for the weekend?

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