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Daily Journey

Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 22 - A picture of something you wish you were better at.

Day 22 - A picture of something you wish you were better at.

So I was searching the net for some photo's to post on this one. As I know I don't have any to post on the things I would like to be better at.
There are many things I would love to be better at. A lot of things!
At this moment and time in my life I have decided I wanted to be better at just  two. They both seem to go hand in hand.
As you see I would like to be a better writer. I have always loved to write and express myself thorough the written word. I love to write poetry the most. I have been having a blast here blogging. So I'm sure I will grow in my writing skills here. Which is a good thing since I'm sure I will gain that skill writing this blog for sure. Along with the many challenges I do through blog hops. Thank you to each one of you that host them. For those who come and read and follow thank you too. Very much! You all are helping me grow in this skill by supporting the hops and by following me. How awesome to have such a wonderful place to come and learn a skill and grow in who you are.
I'd like to do some public speaking. I have done  a little of it already some. But I get very nervous when asked to speak.
I have spoken at my Mary Kay meetings at several different events and situation's.  By teaching on different subjects, introduction's to mention a few.
I have spoken at a few various meetings when asked.
I have given my testimony at Celebrate Recovery once. (That was very scary!)
I have spoke in a Volunteer position on what I do.
So many different forms I have spoke.
Each time I get a bit better. Maybe someday I will be able to speak without being a nervous wreck.
Who knows way I want too. But.. I'm sure the Lord does.

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