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Daily Journey

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hubby's Birthday

Today is hubby's birthday!
Happy Birthday to a very special man!
Happy birthday to the man that has loved me for almost half my life.
You have loved me and the girls with all your heart. Through a many ups and downs. You have stood by us unfailing in your love and support of us. You have never wavered in your commit and promise you made to me on our wedding day. To love and cherish not only me but my three beautiful daughters. 
The love you had for me and the girls has only grown through the years. You have given us room to grow to become the people we are created to be.
You have stood by the girls and loved them as your very own. You adore each grandchild with wide eye wonder and amazement. The grandchildren adore their Poppa with all their heart. And you them.
The day the Lord brought you into our lives we had no idea that you would change our lives forever.
I cherish each day we have been given filled with all the memories and love that only you could have given us.
You make each day an adventure filled with new memories to make and hold onto.
You have wiped our tears held our hands. You have danced with joy and kissed each one of us with love in your eyes.
You have ran the marathon of parenting with me raising the girls. The scraped knees, the long school reports for finals, The math problems that I have no idea how to solve. The tender moment of the first love and the broken heart.
The biggie learning to drive. Oh how I'm so glad we had the auction yard for that adventure and the crazy fun we had with them learning!
The turning of age wasn't easy, but you held my hand and went along with the ride. The ride of our life's with the girls. Thank you for always loving us and being there to pick us up and dance or wipe the tear from our eye.
On the vacation trips that we took that could make a movie scene.  You always took them in stride with much humor and laughter; that have made the live time memories for the books in this family.
You have laughed and cried and jumped with joy, sang and danced with us. We mostly love it when you sing to us. You have such a beautiful voice. I dream of the day you will sing "Amazing Grace" in church!
You even attempted teaching us all Spanish. Well... the girls anyways. You said I butchered the English language you couldn't see me butcher another one. I laugh so hard over that one to this day as the girls do as well. It is true I would. I love you honey! Thank you for making Spanish and English both fun and funny for a life time. Maybe we all could learn another language as well and see how well we do with it. Or maybe we will continue with the one I make as I go along. Which is always good for a laugh or two.
I look forward to celebrating your special day. The day the Lord gave us you. May you have the best birthday every my love. You are my love. I look forward to celebrating many more birthdays with you "OL' MAN"! I love you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Please come dance with me
Over the top we will go whirling around
Pausing here and there as we see the world
                                                                 Popping with laughter as we go
                                                                 Amusing them all with the dance of love

Do you have big birthday parties at your home for those you love on their birthdays?                                                              


Thisisme. said...

Oh Bethe, what a wonderful birthday tribute to that very special man in your life. Happy birthday to your hubby! I am so glad that you have had that someone special in your life to share your joys and sorrows with. Lovely photos as always.

patty johnston said...

Aww, that brought tears to my eyes :)
very beautiful!! Happy Birthday to him!!
and yes, we celebrate Maleeah's birthday with a big party :) it's worth it to see the joy on her face :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday David-

Hope you enjoy your special day, with your special lady in your life. Blessings to the both of you.