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Daily Journey

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lent Letter's To God~ 12

Hello God,
This day has been full and busy with many little projects. I'm grateful to you for helping me to stay focused a bit more today. Still have a long ways to go before I have that down. I think! I am so easily sidetrack still. But each day a step closer.
I sorted out some of the numbers on the tax papers today Lord. WOW! Numbers! lots and lots of numbers. Not one of my favorite things. How do those who do accounting and other bookkeeping jobs do this? It truly is a gift from you.
I have such struggle with all the numbers and sorting of the papers, where it all belongs. Then I realized I had months of documentation missing. That inst going to be fun to try and re-create those months. So important to keep accurate paper work. I'm learning where I'm so weak in this area Lord. I know how important it is to have good book records.
Sky Dreaming
Today when CK and I went on our walk. We were blown across the field and back again. Boy is the wind blowing! I'm thinking, could you allow that wind to blow the sunshine right in. Today was the first day of Spring and it sure didn't feel like it. I'm even bundled up inside with a sweater jacket on to stay warm. Little CK girl all curled up snuggled around on the couch with pillows and blankets.
Makes me think Hmmm the thought of being snuggled up and warm with soft fluffy pillows and snuggie blankets.
We had left overs this evening for dinner. It was fun putting dinner together tonight. It brought so many memories back of when the girls where little Lord and how I would turn left overs into a new meal that wasn't the same as the night before. I think David was as surprised as I was. I haven't done that in awhile. Stretching the grocery's is fun. It never felt fun when the kids where young; funny how things are much different when we are older.
I have started watching the "Secret Millionaire" Lord. Oh my! It makes me cry so much. I see your reflection of love and mercy of hope in each person. The people that you have placed dreams in. That  bring hope to children to have a better way of life and education, along with safe havens Lord. To cleaning city's or feeding the many, the list are endless Lord.. Lord, it all reflects your hope and Love for all of us. It touches my heart to watch these people be blessed with the fiances they need to help their community's and their organization's. I could only dream to  something so amazing as what each one does to help their communities and the millionaires that give to each one. I normally don't like reality shows Lord. But this one represents your heart to me. I see you in the people that they are going to help.  As well as the millionaire's Lord. I think they are changed as they step out into the streets and the communities just as you did when you walked the earth and still do through each of us as your workman. Touching those who are hurting and in need or just a touch of your love.
I have thought all day what is it that you were speaking to me about.
With the winds blowing as they are, it makes me think not to let every whim that  comes and blows my way to take me off the road and path you have for me. Because you have a plan for me. The wind would only side track me away from what you truly have for me. That I need to stay focused and on track, keep my eyes on the prize. YOU! And what you have for me. Which then lends way to staying focused enough not to stray off onto bunny trails, the need to stay focused is so important to greater achievements that you would have for us.
Berry Glimmers
That having good records is priceless. It is a part of honoring you and what you have given us reign over. It is something that shouldn't  be taken lightly. As this is what you have placed in our care. It is about good management.
That having fun doing what I'm doing at the moment is priceless along with the memories it is creating.
That I can make a difference right here in my own community and where ever I am and what I'm doing. Because when I'm reflecting you I am making a difference for eternity.
Lord so many life lessons; I think I need to carry a note book with me during the day just to jot down what I feel you speaking to me about. Then I  want to capture everything on the camera as well too share all of your amazing beauty too. That you have blessed me with. So much you give us each day in over flowing abundance. Thank you so much for your gifts throughout each day.
Lord I love you and am so glad you are my Father.
Goodnight till we meet in another adventure or prayer.
Love ya

How was your weekend?

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