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Daily Journey

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Okay I'm doing this poem writing prompt today form over at "Dodge Writes"

It writes wonderful little diddy's I have been enjoying.
His prompt today is on refection. Geez! I that is what the Lord has been talking to me about. Do I see a thread of a  theme going on here.


As I stare at my reflection
As I wonder who that girl is in the mirror
Where did that girl come from
She is the same face I have grown to know
Who is that girl in the mirror
Once a young beauty
Now an aging woman
Who is that woman in the mirror.
The reflection doesn't lie
Where did she go
That beauty from long ago
The signs of aging replacing the once youthful beauty
As I wonder who that girl is in the mirror
As I stare at my reflection

Do you recognize your reflection staring back at you?

1 comment:

Miko's Girl said...

I've come to love the wrinkles and the grey hair (not enough to color yet). They are signs of a life well lived - of a God-given opportunity to stay on this earth and watch my daughters grow. In our elementary school, we have lost one or more parents each year that my daughter, the wrinkles mean God has blessed me with more time.