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Daily Journey

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 30 - A picture of someone you miss..

Day 30 - A picture of someone you miss..

I have quite a few people I miss.
Those that have passed on and who are no longer with us until we meet again. There are those who have touched my life, for whatever reason we have lost contact with and haven't found one another. 
There are those I miss just because they don't live near me and I cannot see or spend as much time with them as I would like.
There are those we miss just because they had such an impact on our lives. But were only in my life for a time and a season.
I miss the person I once was before life took a different direction because of choices that when we are young don't always understand the impact they will have on us in years to come.
(The choices we make do have a baring on what life will be like in the future.) Had I only known and listened to my mom and dad.
Lesson learned! 
I miss the young girl I was as I graduated from high school with the whole world in front of me. A host of choices and an unlimited future that laid ahead of me.
I miss the fun loving summer time dreaming girl who was always looking for a good time and lots of fun!
I miss the young mom who struggled to find her way in both being single after divorce and raising children on her own. I miss the growing we did together as we learned as we went along on the journey of being a parent with three very curious and full of energy young babies that have grown into amazing young women, wife's and mothers.
I miss the youthful young woman that I once was. But love who I have become through lives experiences and the hard knocks of life that has helped mold me into the person I am today and becoming.
Gone is the naive young woman and the eyes full of unknown excitement and expectation.
Now with the eyes of a woman who has lived life full and still looks for the good time and fun around the corner; with those she loves and fills her days with experiencing each day with the joy of life with all those she cherishes in the world. With tons of expectation and hope for a life filled with more treasures than she dreamed when she was younger.

But the person I miss the most; Is my dad. the dad that raised me. My daddy! He was there for the skinned
knees the broken hearts the first kiss and date. He was there to walk me down the aisle to the man who was to love me forever. He was there when my baby was born. My daddy! I miss him and so wish he could see the woman I am today and the grandchildren and  great-grandchildren that I have been blessed with. He wiped away my tears more than I can count. He made my sad days happy. My happy days unforgettable!
He was the man who made everything okay!
Sadly I couldn't find allot of photos of him. I don't know where they all are.
The one is of him in
after we got back from a trip from "Farrell's Ice Cream Parlor". It was in the Summer of 1975. We had so much fun that day. That ribbon he had on was because he won the ribbon of I made "A Pig Of Myself".
Thank you for the laughter dad!
He was the man that walked me down the aisle when I married my first husband in Reno. Sadly he didn't get to meet the man I am married to today. The one that wipes my tears and holds my hand and makes everything okay. I'm sure he would approve.
The other picture is with my oldest daughter just about a year or so before he passed away. I'm so glad he did get to meet all of my daughters. He would light up when they came into the room. He loved them so much. I think he was amazed by them. That picture was taken in February when he came for a visit to see me and check on us. It was the last time I saw him healthy and alive. (1983)

I am so grateful the Lord blessed me with my daddy and am happy today to get to know the dad that was my birth dad. How blessed I am.

How has life changed for you over the years?


Rosebud Collection said...

What a beautiful post and tribute to your dad..
I always think, if we didn't make mistakes, how would we learn? Now tell me , is that logic or what? haha..All kidding aside, it is the end result that counts..Your dad, I am sure, is proud of what you have become..and bet his is with you everyday..

AlanaKruse said...

Your post made me tear up! This is beautiful =)