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Daily Journey

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lent Letter's To God~ 18

Dear Lord,
Another week has come to a close and another one is starting. They seem to going by so fast any more. It seems the older I get that faster they go by. I remember when I was little girl mom saying the faster they would go by the older I got. Oh yes! They surely do. She was so right! I so wish I could stretch more hours into a day. There never seems to be quite enough to do all I want to do. Or to see and open all the gifts and treasures you have left for me around my path in my daily activities each and everyday.
Today was basically a very quiet day. Nothing earth shaking or life changing at all.
I slept in today. That was so nice too! I love sleeping in. One of my favorite things to do. What a blessings that is.
Then I had to get CK her meds. So her and I went for a ride to the vets today. It was raining once again. So her and I got good and wet on our walk before we left today. But she so enjoyed it and so wanted to be the "Miss Social Butterfly" of the dog world and say hello to everyone. And she was. She is so loving Lord. I'm sure her nature of loving everyone is so representative of you. I can learn so much from her and the unconditional love you have for us.
When I got home today I went to the movies with my friend, her daughter and mom. Oh what fun that was. I haven't been to the show in a long while. We saw a great Disney movie. I love how good always conquers evil. Just like you conquering the devil and the grave of death bringing life everlasting to us.
One of the things I learned in the movie is we should not ever be afraid to receive our dream because once we receive that one there is a new one  awaiting us to be made and achieved. Not that I have been afraid but I just never see it as done or that I deserve it. But in you we do! I thought of you and how in you all things are achieved. That you place each dream inside of us. That you will bring it about. As we follow you and your leading staying focused on you and the things above, as you lead us in the direction we should go. Because you have all the resources and each person along the way and each thing lined up that will bring them about in your perfect timing. You have richly blessed us on this journey of life that we wouldn't go without. That all things are there for us that we have need of.
I love that as I seek you that more and more is added everyday beyond my dreams or imagination. Each day is gift that far surpasses the gift of the day before. I thank you for that Lord.
I am looking forward to this coming week Lord.

I love you and thank you for each moment in each day that you have hand painted for me Lord. Thank you!
Love your wild and crazy daughter Beth
Flowering Branches of beauty

How was your Sunday afternoon?

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