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Daily Journey

Monday, March 28, 2011

PlayDate ~At the Movies

I was delighted to be able to go to the show this Sunday afternoon. Imagine my delight when I found out I could go see a movie and get popcorn all for under ten dollars. It actually only cost me six! Yes! I said six! Isn't that rather amazing? I would say, "Yes!" that is God's good grace. I haven't been to a show since I don't know when. I was invited to go with my girlfriend her mom and sweet lovely daughter. We went and saw "Tangled" a Disney production and presentation. Wonderful movie! Well written and back to its original roots of the heroine, the night and shining armour, along with the wicked witch. With a sweet love story to boot. It had something for everyone in each age group. It's going to be a classic for sure. It had a wonderful little love plot with comedy and humor along with some wonderful life lessons. It actually had some wonderful cinema photography as well.  
How does this all fit into a play date with God?
Well it so happened it was at a nickle arcade.
Yes! One that is actually a nickle! I was rather surprised myself at this as well.
That would explain the wonderful price of the theater.
I was so memorized my all the activity and fun going on. The children and their parents, even some grandparents as well. All having more fun than a barrel of monkeys.
So was wishing my precious darling grandchildren lived nearer to me so we could have some fun together here at the arcade. 
Surreal laughter and screams of pure joy coming in every direction.
This is defiantly where the Lord is having a play date!
Anytime that children are screaming with laughter you know your in the right place at the right time.
You just jump in and join them in the fun!
So I knew I was.....
And I'm going to be apart of it! I surely don't want to miss out. Not at all! Where God is playing that is where I want to be! 
One little girl was putting coins into a machine to push more coins down to receive tickets. I was so fascinated I was unable to move from my spot in which I was standing. As was my girlfriends mom. When her daughter and her came out of the ladies room she said you two didn't get far. No we hadn't. I was having so much fun watching these sweet angels from heaven playing and screaming, "Mom, look what I got!"
They where jumping, smiling and laughing. Such joy it was to be in a room full of children and see even the adults being as children as well.
Who would want to leave such joy and excitement for any other activity. 
This was surely pure bliss!
What a wonderful afternoon spending time with great friends, watching a good movie, becoming as a child and watching children all around me become over joyed with laughter and fun in a nickle arcade of amusement.
I gave up work to play and found myself having so much fun! Sometimes it is worth taking time and becoming like a child for a day or afternoon.  I had so much fun I can hardly wait for the next date of play in the afternoon.
So you see how I found God on this play date at the theater in a movie? I just seem to find Him everywhere. I love that He shows himself everywhere I am. I don't want to leave home without Him;
 always next to my side.
Playing right alongside of me showing me the way.

Proverbs 17:22
A cheerful heart is good medicine,but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.

I believe this website is for all of the Wunderland nickel arcades In the state of Oregon. I just think this is so wonderful. Something affordable that the whole family can enjoy. I'm so glad and happy to see things like this come back into fashion. I remember the arcades from when I was young as well as the miniature golf. Which I loved. I think I may have to find one of those and go play when it stops raining. And go carts too!

Article on the Wunderland nickle arcade. Here in the Gresham area.

Do you like going to the theater house and seeing one of the latest movie releases?


Laura said...

Oh. My. Goodness. Six dollars? Wow. Going to the movies these days just about breaks me up. We don't go very often, probably partially because of the cost. But you found the place to go! I haven't seen tangled (two boys in this house pretty much nixes the princess movies) but have heard it's really cute.

Sounds like a fun date, Beth. Thanks for taking me along :).

Helena said...

Thanks for your words on my blog. We live in a small town here in Canada, where we can go to the theatre for five dollars. Smaller theatre, but wonderful and no crowds!

♥ ஆεlεɳa ~.^

stlavonlady said...

Glad to hear you had suc ha great time! I love hearing of prices like that. Brings a smile to my heart. :) We have not seen that movie, but we will be renting it on video. We saw a Diary of a Wimpy Kid Saturday. Very good family movie!
In St. Louis if you go to the show before 12 everyone gets in for $5, which helps. The food and soda in still a crazy price.

Take care and so good to hear from you!

Java said...


Send me an email at: nevergrowingold at hotmail .com and I'll walk you though how to link just your post and not your blog!!

LV said...

Thank you for your visit and taking me to the movies. I have not been to one in so long. I cannot remember what I saw. Around here, they are very expensive and not things I care to see.