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Daily Journey

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lent Letter's To God~8

Dear Lord,
I'm so tired this evening it was a full day.
Thank you for waking me on time this morning to get ready and out the door for work. I was so worried I wouldn't wake and that I would over sleep. You never fail me Lord. Thank you so much.
Today was a full day, I love it when my day is full and that I'm busy. I love the ladies and the joy they bring.
Today their minds where on the tragedy across the ocean over in Japan Lord. One of the ladies hasn't heard from her family. I have no idea what she must be feeling. So I and the other ladies cheered her up and put her mind on other beautiful things of the day.
They share their lives so openly with me Father. It is so beautiful how they replay their lives and those who are so important to them. I am grateful to be apart of that and one of them Lord. They count me friend.
It is cute how they say they have been waiting for me all day. They must never sleep if that is the case Lord. As I arrive around 9 am. The line is already formed as they await to be groomed and pampered to their delight. They come  a little down and then leave with their heads held high. They come back throughout the day telling me all of the complements they are receiving. Thank you  for allowing me to help bring that smile and joy upon their faces. That you have allowed me to play such a small part of making them feel so special. That puts such a smile on my face as well.I thank you for this gift an talent of being able to provide this wonderful service to them.
After work today I had the pleasure of going shopping.  Oh my Lord! How prices are soaring!
I thank you that you are my provider. That you give me all I need. I was so grateful for the provision of being able to pick up these few items today for our household.
So my lesson today again is back to reflection, working with these dear ones Lord shows me that reflection is a good thing. That is shows us so much. Where we have been who we are because of where we have been. The victories we have in you because of what you have done. So much is learned in the reflection as we look towards you and what we reflect to others.
Your Beauty and Strength
The balance of being prepared as we go about our day so that we might complete the task at hand.
Looking always to you as our source and not of the things of this world.
All this sounds so easy when I sit here and share all this with you. But then when I must apply it gets so scary sometimes Lord. I know that fear is not of you. But with this world whirling out of control.... it is easy to look away  just like when Peter took his eyes off you; he no longer could walk on water. I see how important it is to keep my focus upon you and the things you have for me and not the things of this world. 
As I close tonight Lord I think you for all the rich beauty and lessons you are blessing me with in this life. May I always see your gifts even in the tragedy of life.
I Love you Lord
See you in my dreams.
Love your daughter Beth

How do you bring balance into your busy schedules?

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