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Daily Journey

Monday, March 28, 2011

Lent Letter's To God~ 20

Dear God,
I'm feeling rather challenged this evening. I'm not sure exactly why, but I am.
I feel frustrated as though I'm not accomplishing what I need to do and learn what you have for me.
Today has been a very tough day for me.
It most be some serious growing pains going on!
I feel like I'm struggling to find or do something.
Longing for something I cannot figure it out.
Hoping I haven't made a complete waste of my day.
I so appreciate everything you do and bless me with.
I guess it is the crazy emotions and hormones that are off.
I started my day late.
The sun was beautiful while it was out I so enjoyed it thank you so much.
I also got a few extra things done unexpectedly today as well. That was nice.
Tonight at meeting I realized what I learned on Friday evening at the Mary Kay conference. That I already knew but it re-enforced it. That I do make a difference even when I don't see it or know it. Those you place in my life and those that I come in contact with. I make a difference thank you for re-enforcing that. I think I will meditate on that for awhile.
I'm just really having a tough time this evening.
Thank you for your blessing through the day.
I love you and am looking forward to the day tomorrow and what it will hold for me.
Love you
Goodnight you daughter Beth

How's your Monday ending?

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