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Daily Journey

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Time Change

Please give me a break here and leave my time alone.
I so do not enjoy the time change. My body my mind everything takes at least a month to figure it out. Then it seems it is time to change again.(Chuckle)
Seriously what is the time change all about anyways? To mess with my body and mind? One way I get an added hour to my sleep the other I loss an hour. Hey whats up with that? A girl does need her beauty rest.
Then on the other hand I get sunshine and longer days. With the other I get shorter days and more dreary weather.
And the Time?
Lets just say I will pick the one where I have longer days and sunshine. This would make for a happy "Beth"! Just leave it there and I will be happy! No need to change my time again. I will re adjust to this time. 
I don't require the extra sleep only when you change the time and mess me up. Then I go around and asking what time is it really? What time is it? No it cannot be that time? Really?
None of my clocks ever seem to say the same time.  With all this time changing going on here, it is hard to keep the clocks on the same time.
Again I say what time is it? These clocks must be set. We do need a time here.
A correct time would be nice.
Please stop messing with my time.

Who knows what time it is? Could someone help here please!
You see this time change isn't for me.
Are you as confused as me?
My body says it  is one time and the clock says another. We do have a problem here. We so do need to get on the same page here.
Surely I will be late to everything or to early for some.
Or maybe I will be a no show with this time confusion going on.
Or maybe there will be no one where they are suppose to be.
Who knows where we all will be with this time confusion.
You see!
And the time is? 
We all our so confused by the time.
Oh what time is it please?
Time please?
You see the problem here don't you?
Time please? Oh your confused too? 
You see we have a problem here with time you see.
No time change for me!
My body will adjust;
But not soon enough.
To this time change. 
And the time Is?
So all in favor with leave my time alone say "I"! PLEASE!  
So please leave our time alone.
What time is it please?
Oh please help us with the time.
No time is the same?
Oh my what time is it?
Does anyone know?


How do you feel about the time change? Or does your time change at all?


Debra Ann Elliott said...

Love this one! I'm not big on time change...
Thanks for stopping by.

Holly said...

Hi Beth~
This day is my least favorite of the year, but I have to say that the opposite time change is my most favorite. It would be nice if they would just leave it alone, but I'm guessing that isn't going to happen.
Thank you so much for stopping by.
Blessings to you!

Katz78 said...

I'm always late no matter the time change so I'm not really worried about it.