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Daily Journey

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Write-A-Letter Wednesday~ Weatherman

Sun Breaking
Dear Weatherman,
I know you really don't control the weather. But... really! Enough is enough of this Ol' man Winter, It needs to go away until next year.
You see I'm falling deeply into a place of darkness and despair of depression without my lovely sunshine.
So, you see Mr. Weatherman it is of  great urgency that you find some sunshine and warmer weather quickly before I fall into the deep abyss of darkness. Where only ugliness and unhappiness awaits me. I so much would not like to go there. But would much rather enjoy the light of sunshine with all its warmth and laughter of the shrill joys of children playing gleeful outside. Do you think you could help? Please!?!
Mr. Weatherman do you think you might be able to find in your pile of charts and data any good news that may appear as some sort of  good weather or substances of Spring at all? It truly is of the utmost urgency of importance to me and many others you see.
Without it I may not be able to find my way out of the dark abyss. This would be like a terrible nightmare that one would rather not experience at all.
Could you please pull out some bags of tricks. Maybe find an old chart that claims that Spring is here and that there is a break in the weather pattern of Ol' man Winter. That states that the weather is a changing.
That the sun is appearing with 60 degree  plus weather at least. I'm sure those charts and data must exist somewhere in your bag of tricks. Lets just play a trick on Ol' man weather. He wouldn't mind I'm sure.
I'm sure I'm not the only one who would appreciate some warmer brighter weather with some lovely sunshine to wash away the Ol' Winter man blues.
Bring on the Spring so I might pull out my dancing shoes.
The lack of sun that provides us with that wonderful vitamin "D"; that I'm lacking and so are many others I'm sure. It could change our out look and disposition's greatly. It could bring us the life line that we have been looking for all Winter long. We are ready to come out of hibernation and play and frolic in the Spring into early fall. Our dancing shoes have been awaiting us all Winter long. They are now ready to come out and play. So if you could please arrange this small request.
If you could just arrange a small glint of that Spring time weather with the sun peeping through the clouds and tree branches that would be greatly appreciate by me and many others.
My shades and sandals are waiting for our date. It has been a long cold Winter and we are so ready to say good-bye!
Good-bye to the cold wet damp weather of Winter.
Good-bye to the heavy Winter clothing and linen that keeps us warm and cozy.
Good-bye to the dark gloomy days of Winter.
Hello to Spring and Summer!
So if you could please get out those charts and data that say the sun is here to stay with warmer weather. I'm sure the birds will sing louder and the butterfly's will dance and all the flowers will bloom in the fragrant beauty to delight us all. You see there is so many reasons to bring out the sun Mr. Weatherman.
So I besiege you please find those charts and data to arrange the weather that agrees with the Spring and Summer pattern of weather.
Thank you for your attempt to help change this long cold Winter into the season of beauty which is known as Spring with its warm sunshine and blue sky's of beauty.
Tired Of Winter

Have you got your Spring gardens planted?

Come join over at Write A Letter Wednesday and link up your letter with:

Its a great way to build your writing skills and have some fun.


Thisisme. said...

That was a lovely post, and wonderful writing, Bethe! I do hope that Mr Weatherman listens and responds kindly with a good dose of sunshine. You are so right, everyone is thoroughly fed up with what seems like an awfully long winter. We all need sunshine in our lives, to lift our spirits. I need to feel the warmth on these old bones of mine!!! We were so lucky at the weekend when we did so much in the garden, and thank goodness we did. This week, it's been raining and turned really chilly again :( :(

monika said...

Nice blog

ThomG said...

Thanks for finding Three Word Wednesday. A note about posting just the post - it's easy, espcially since you use Blogger. To post just the blog post in question, please just click on the title, which will bring up the URL to the specific post in the address bar. It makes it much more easy for everyone to find your submission. Cheers!

Josie said...

"Bring on the Spring so I might pull out my dancing shoes"... what a lovely line that so reflects the lightening of our spirits when we finally begin the feel the warmth of Springtime sunshine. Being raised in the long cold winters of the Midwest, I cherish our mild winter weather here in Texas. I wear sandals all year round, and we grumble if we have a "cold spell" lasting more than a couple days! :-) Thank you for sharing this clever letter with us at Write A Letter Wednesday, Beth, it was a great read and made me smile!

JL Dodge said...

Love your letter Beth !
We did ours in poetry form, hope you will stop over and let us know what you think of it !