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Daily Journey

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Write-A-Letter Wednesday~

Dear Purse,
I'm sad to address this issue with you; but it appears you are no longer  needed. Your replacement will be arriving soon.
It isn't that you haven't carried your end of the deal you have very well. You have been like a fine wine and friend to me. You will be a great loss to me as you have been such an asset to my everyday dealings.
You have manged many of my affairs and carried them out very well.
You have brought many to your attention as they found you rather appealing.
You have shouldered the weights of the day and manged to keep everything together.
Even the daughter and granddaughter want your style and flair. You have much appeal.
But the time has arrived that I must let you go.
It is fair to say that I am not that attached any more.
It is time for a change and your trendy looks and Winter fair is not the look I'm looking for.
I'm ready for a bit of change and you a bit of of R&R. You are looking a bit tired and a bit out of shape. Your unlimited space and beautiful fine lined zippered packets of silk have ran their course for the season.  So I'm packing you up and sending you on a revival trip.
Which would put you into retirement in a fine resort so that you may relax from all the hard work you have done for me through out the months.
Your needing some tender loving care in some areas of maintenance. So with that in mind I thought you wouldn't mind a nice pleasant resort of repairs. As you are getting a bit sloppy in your appearance and out of shape a bit.
So I thought you wouldn't mind if I sent you off  for some well needed repairs. So I thought this would be the time to do it. All expenses paid. 
As it appears  I'm considering a new design.
Your replacement will be arriving very soon. She is a newer design and model, that will fit into the Spring and Summer trends and look for the up coming season.
You will be well compensated for your time and devotion.
I couldn't have done so well without you.
I'm looking forward to your return in the Fall. Please know you are a trusted friend and valued companion. I couldn't do it without you.

Do you have a favorite handbag or purse?

1 comment:

Josie said...

Oh Beth! I just love the creativity of your letters, and I'm delighted that you're enjoying Write A Letter Wednesday! Your topics inspire me to think a little harder and come up with some fresh ideas of my own! I tend to use the same purse until it literally falls apart, and then it is unceramoniously retired to the trash can. Yours is much more lovingly being packed away for "summer vacation"! :-)

I'm sorry about the Mr. Linky problem at Write A Letter Wednesday. Not sure why it didn't show up in the post this morning, but it's there now. Please add this letter, it's wonderful! I'll be working on mine tonite.