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Daily Journey

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Avoidance Behavior

I have been struggling all day to get these taxes at least half way done. After the morning coffee and rain. I started working on them a bit. Not fun!
Waiting On the tax Fairy
I don't like them at all! I find them to be an evil part of the business. I would so much prefer someone to come and take care of all these paper work and numbers for me. Though I do have the two business's that have to be sorted out.
Plus the job I get paid for by the government. Oh what a nightmare of paper work.
My husband has it so easy. One W-2 form. How sweet.
But if we didn't have these business's then we would most likely be paying more than we have in the past. This year we are looking forward to a return. Which you would think would motivate me to do them.
But.... not at all.
It is the least favorite thing to do in my book. I think Mr. IRS gets enough of my money already and still cannot mange his portion he gets. I would like to see him work in the guidelines and budgets as the rest of the American people do. What a novel concept. Oops! Did I say (typed) that?
So in the process of the day through my avoidance behavior I did get allot of other things done.
I did a load of laundry still have more to do. Usually have three loads a week. Sad for two people isn't it? That does include the salon towels though too.
 I got the house vacuumed from all of CK girls doggie hair. Until tomorrow anyways. But I may not vacuum at all until alter this week. Really need to finish the taxes so I will avoid the vacuuming this week.
Got the kitchen cleaned.

Waiting Upon the Tax Fairy Where is She?

CK and I went for a short walk and visited with the neighbor's. We were just social butterflies today. Along with taking some wonderful photos throughout the day as well.
I also took out the garbage and recycle items. All in the hopes of avoiding those dreaded taxes!
I kept thinking the tax fairy was going to come and take care of them. NO! That didn't happen. I think maybe she didn't get the memo that I needed her this weekend.
So I got through June without the little tax fairy's help. I'm hoping maybe she may magically appear tomorrow and wave her  magic wand over it and poof it will be done.
So I still have to go through July-December. Those will have lots of paper receipt's and invoices. YUK!
This is were the Tax fairy would come in handy. You see then she would put it all in a nice order with a "GREAT BIG" Tax return as well!
But... Not going to happen so then I will have to get to work on this immediately.
There will be the tallying and putting into the right categories so it will go into the areas of income, deductions, so forth and so forth. 
I will be able to either get the tax man or the program and get them done. Yea! One bite at a time.
So favorite word today is Avoidance. How many ways can I find to avoid my taxes? We will see tomorrow my new and creative ways of avoidance.
Just need to buckle down and "get er' done"!

Do you avoid things or plow into them and get them done?


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