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Daily Journey

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lent Letter's To God~ 4

Dear God,
Here it is a Saturday evening, I'm here to visit and  writing to you as I have promised.
I'm not sure what this day was about. But I sure did have allot of avoidance behavior going on today.
Avoiding everything that had to do with what I needed to get done.
I was trying to do everything else but....  anything to do with my taxes for 2010. I hate taxes Lord! Why do we have to give to Cesar what Cesar is due? I'd much rather go spend it on something fun!
I'm sure there are many other places you would like to see it spent as well. I could give more of that money to places in need.
I'd like to take a trip to see my girls Lord. Spend it on the grandchildren and their various multiply needs that they have. I'd like a new vehicle and all my debits paid off instead of paying Uncle Sam, Lord. Then there are plenty of  other wants and desires I have as well. Could we talk about that?
It seems even doing taxes we go down a memory lane and seeing where we have spent and what we could have done without. Where we could have saved more. WOW! Lord another reflection going on here. Reflecting on how the money you have given us charge over is spent. Sometimes it isn't in the wises of ways. Some very foolish things that I think I could have lived without. Well... at the time anyways I'm sure I thought I needed it. I'm  sure I could have waited or thought it out better, maybe even prayed more about it before I made the purchase.
Reviewing the money trail is very enlightening to where our hearts are at. Reflecting on the money and where it goes surely leads to where the heart is; just like you say in your word Lord.
Gives way to the thought that there is a huge area of working needing to go on here. Much to much waste and not enough going in the right direction.
Though through the past ten years I have truly seen an improvement on my money behaviors. How I handle it and the direction I have gone with my spending habits and other finical behaviors. So in some ways I'm starting to get a handle on it.  But still have a long ways to go. I can see how this money pit thing can get us into trouble if we are in debit and how important it is to not get ourselves in that kind of position. I'm thankful that I have been listening to you on this matter over the past ten years. Or Oh MY! What a mess it truly would be. I probably wouldn't even have my business. Yea! That could be very bad!
So the reflection seems to be the theme we are headed here Lord.
So I guess even in avoidance behavior and doing taxes we can find you and draw closer.
It is amazing how much paper work is involved Lord. I did get some done and still have at least another 6 months to go through then tally it all up and put into categories.
So Lord do you have one of the angels take care of all the book work and ledgers on us? (Smiling & Laughing)
So CK and I did get to go for a beautiful walk today. It is so wonderful to see the sun break through the dark clouds of Winter and see the sunlight spring forth and give way the coming season. I see all the flowers starting to bud into new life Lord. I think it is amazing how you have designed them to birth from the ground from a seed, or that tree to come from a dormant stage into beauty and life. Just like us when you pick us up out of the gutter of destruction and remold us into your likeness, we are being reborn and re birthed. Spring is such a great time for such beauty and reflection of your love Lord.
It was great speaking to the neighbor's this afternoon in the sunlight of the day after the morning rain Lord. It was refreshing to see them milling about and talking to everyone. What was cool is listening to the young children asking about animal's and the babies that Spring brings after the long Winter months.
 Lord, I like the fact that this special time with you Lord is making me more aware of what is happening and going on in my life. Not that I wasn't before . But... somehow this is making me see things in new perspectives and understanding the gifts you have provided for us all day long on the path of the day as we journey though. Taking more time to enjoy them even the things I avoid that we need to do and how this helps us grow and mature. Even when we are getting "old" like me. (smile)
"Old" which I have decided, Lord is a state of mind. Because I have found that I love to live life to its fullest potential. That I don't want to miss anything you have laid in the path for me to receive and open to enjoy. And with that thought I think how many times someone has asked me when I'm going to act my age? Lord what is that? I'm not sure I understand that statement. I always though I did act my age.
I have so many questions and thoughts Lord. I think I could go all night writing this letter.
But I know we have more reflecting to do and much more of that molding me more into your likeness.
Tomorrow I will meet you here in my letter as well as all the nicks and corners of my life as we sweep through the reflection of some more of my taxes tomorrow Lord. I anticipate more exciting revelations as we continue our chats here.
Love you Lord
This is Beth signing off for now.

Are you always surprised at some of the places you spend money and how much?


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Lovely post, and old you are NOT! Gorgeous photo. We must all keep young at heart.