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Daily Journey

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Simply Beauty~Photo Challenge

Thank you to my new bloggie friend over at "Image Xpressionz 365" I have now found another wonderful photo challenge to enter into.  Check her out over at her blog

This challenge come from "The Paper Mama: Her link to join in on the fun of this photo challenge is:

I have so many wonderful children and grandchildren to choose from I couldn't decide at all if I tried. So I picked my youngest grandson. He is the youngest out of ten grandchildren and is the fourth grandson. I just love this photo of him. It is one of my very favorites.

Pure Love

The Paper Mama

Do you enjoy taking pictures and doing photo challenges?


Lisa said...

thanks for linking me Beth! what an adorable picture of your grandson1 I love newborn photo's! My only grandson just turned a year old last month, I had such a hard time choosing a picture for this challenge also! And WOW! 10 grandchildren-how fun that must be when you all get together! My gran & my mom both have 12 granchildren (maybe someday I will too!) and they have always called the granchildren "the dirty dozen"! Have a great day!

Thisisme. said...

You are so blessed to have ten grandchildren, but, you are right, this is an absolutely adorable photo of your youngest grandson. Bless! He is really beautiful, and all that lovely hair!