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Daily Journey

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

100 Things About Me~

Tara, over at "Undeserving Grace" is hosting a very exciting link.
It is called a "100 Things About Me."
I thought this would be a great link up.
A fun way for us all to get to know our bloggie friends a bit better.
  1. I am a night owl
  2. I don't like late night TV at ALL!
  3. I love to have the house wide up and fresh air coming in year round
  4. I don't like to cook
  5. My dream house would have no kitchen in it; and if it did it would be fully staffed so I would never ever have to cook or. clean, not to mention shop for the groceries except make my grocery list of what I want to eat.
  6. I love all kinds of genera of music
  7. I love Shirley Temple movies still
  8. I love very hot showers
  9. I think Maxine is hysterical
  10. Charlie Brown was very relatable to me as a child growing up. He is still one of my favorite beloved cartoon characters.


Do you have a favorite relatable cartoon character?

1 comment:

khadeeja said...

this is lovely! great knowing you dear... how may i join this fun? ;)