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Daily Journey

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

365 Days Of Pictures ~ Day 153

The evening I arrived in Sacramento my daughter Amber, wanted me to go out with her. I wasn't really sure about it. But what the heck I use to be quite the party girl. I think she thought mom couldn't hang. Fooled her.
One of the wonderful things about going out that evening even though I was very tried from working all day; then flying into town, is that I got to see my niece Lenita who was in town also on leave. It was great to see her. I hadn't seen her in gosh! I want to say at least three or more years.
She is in the Air Force and is stationed abroad.
Thank you Lenita for your service to your country! 
Because of you and so many others like you who provide daily for us to live here freely because of the service you provide freely.
It was a great time out.
Thank you Amber, for inviting me and for the great time I had with you girls.

Lenita & Aunt Beth
At the 40
In Citrus Heights, Ca
Do you like to do things with your children you normal wouldn't do?


Thisisme. said...

How lovely that you were invited along, Bethe! And good for you for taking your daughter up on the invite, and putting your glad rags on!

Rainbow said...

This is so sweet Bethe, glad you had fun!!!
Thank you to your niece for the service that you do!!!

Rainbow (Gina)