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Daily Journey

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thankful Thursday~

Hello and happy Thursday filled with so much to be thankful for.
As you all know and if you are new to my blog. I just love linking up with Tara over at Undeserving Grace and the thankful list.
We all have so much to be thankful for everyday.
Sometimes its just waking up and breathing.
So lets see what we have from this week of adventures journeys in life to be thankful for. Then hop on over and check out Tara and all the other wonderful ladies and gents that have linked up.
See you there.

  1. Laying in the afternoon sun with CK girl in the grass
  2. Laughter of children playing ball in the next yard over
  3. My postman who brings my mail to me. Whom I'm so grateful for the service he provides me 6 days a week
  4. A warm smile and hello that makes you feel like a million
  5. Cool Summer breezes
  6. Comforting words of love 
  7. Pool side fun
  8. God's amazing love
  9. My oldest daughter who calls me at all hours of the day and night to let me know she is heading to work. ( I know sounds weird. But it blesses me)
  10.  Salesman that makes it easy to purchase my birthday gift for granddaughter and get it to her as well
  11. Cheap pretty watches with bling
  12. Whispered I love yous
  13. A hand up from sitting in the lawn
  14. CK's soft fur against my feet
  15. My mom's voice
What wonderful things are you thankful for this wonderful Thursday and week?


melody-mae said...

Beth, so much awesome things on your list today!
Whispered I love you's would also top my list!


Raindrops and Daisies said...

What a lovely post.

Stephanie said...

Hi Beth! I'm following you back from the hop *thanks for the follow!*
I absolutely love your positivity! Look forward to hearing/reading more from you. :)

Thisisme. said...

I agree - this is a lovely post my friend. The list is really lovely. How I would love to hear my dear mum's voice again :(

Rainbow said...

I love this post it is great!! I love talking to my parents.

Thank you for sharing
Rainbow (Gina)

Mama Zen said...

This list gave my spirits a lift!

forgetmenot said...

Beth, I love your Thankful Thursdays--you appreciate everything (great and small) in your life. We should all be that way!!! Glad you liked the butterflies--they did "move around" a lot!!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Mickie :)