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Daily Journey

Friday, July 1, 2011

Boost My Blog Friday~ Hop Hosted by Design it Chic

Over at "Design it Chic" is a blog hop that there are no rules except to follow her.
Lots of great tips on how to boost your blog.
New bloggie friends and lots of fun.
Today I'm just jumping and hopping along before I head for work. Then I will come home and read some blogs and leave some messages.
I love meeting new people .
What a great way to meet new friends and learn a host of interesting things.
Plus I get to travel via the net.
Since I'm not going out of town this weekend.
I don't need to fight the traffic I will sit and relax and enjoy all the wonderful great finds right here in the connivance of my own home.
Have a wonderful fourth of July weekend.
Be safe!

                       Are you headed out of town for the three day weekend of the fourth of July?


melody-mae said...

we are staying in town too...a birthday party this sunday for my grandson. his first! ;) have a wonderful weekend my sweet friend!

rainbow said...

Look like a lot of us will be staying home this holiday. Sad for the kids here (and the kids at heart) they usually come to our house the shoot off their fireworks and watch all those around us since we live in the country but with it so DRY this year and the fire danger so high you can not have or sell fireworks this year. I feel sorry for the folks who have the booths and have the fireworks to sell but can't. What are they going to do with them? HOPE THEM DO NOT STORE ANY NEAR US.


Arlee Bird said...

Staying home this weekend. I was out of town last weekend.

Tossing It Out

Amy said...

Happy July to you.. We are staying close to home. It is kind of neat they are hosting fireworks on the golf course we live on.. It should be a great show. Plus things for children and families to do.. Have a great weekend..