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Daily Journey

Sunday, July 17, 2011

365 Days Of Pictures ~Day 144

My wish stick!
I found this in my field.
Of course where I find all my lovely and exciting things of nature and beauty.

But today as I am in California with my daughters preparing to head home;
my wish is that I could stay just a bit longer.
My visits are so short and never quite long enough.
Never enough time to catch each hug from them all!
As I race to catch each dancing bloom of love!
Whispering secrets of hopes and dreams to come.
Laughter and smiles tugging on my heart;
as strings pulling me from one to another.
Never enough time to catch all the love to hold in my heart.
Until the next visit!
I hold each one in my heart.
The tears of love that grips my heart;
 each time I must leave and say until we see one another again.
Never good~bye!
Only until we meet again!
My heart is full!
With the love of each one.
So as this visit comes to a close;
this one will be the last for sometime.
It will have to stretch into next year.
How I wish!?!
For a bit longer!
One more smile!
One more hug!
One more laughter!
One more...

Wish Stick

What is your wish?


Thisisme. said...

Lovely photo and beautifully written words from you today, my friend. You will feel very sad at having to leave them all behind. You are like me, we are such proud parents and grandparents! Hope the graduation went well for your daughter. Have a safe journey home (where hubby and CK will be eagerly waiting to see you!) and hold on tight to all those lovely memories. Blessings.

Rainbow said...

I love the dandelion picture awesome shot!!! thank you for sharing and glad you will be home soon, I miss you!!!