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Daily Journey

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Write A Letter Wednesday~ Example of

Josie, over at "Write A Letter Wednesday" Has wonderful letter prompts. Great for re-capturing the art of letter writing. She has a linky too, so you can check out other great letters as well and link up yours well you are at it! Come along and have some fun! It is so much fun!
 These are some of the attributes of a letter we are to write to some who exemplifies them:

"Strength, Confidence, Honesty, Loyalty, Trustworthiness, Kindness, Caring, Warmth, Sweetness, Quiet and calm nature, Faithfulness, Generosity, Understanding, Patience, Love, Diligence, Humility, Belief, Health, Wealth, Happiness, Friendliness, Altruism and Faith."

I actually have a few friends that come to mind with these attributes. I feel very blessed to have them in my life and know them. Because I cannot just pick one I will write a fictional name.

Dear Julie-Anne,
I just want to send you a letter letting you know how much I appreciate you and the wonderful example you have set before all of us young women in the church.
So that we can grow in humility in your likeness of the Lord Jesus Christ as you have.
You have always had such a strong belief and beautiful smile for all that walk through the door.
Your happiness and joy over flows into every corner of the room that you stand in.
Your light draws us to the true light and love of Jesus.
Through your compassion for all those around you in your life; and those who come across your path daily.
Your Caring spirit and gentle touch reaches across the oceans of pain and loss to all that are searching and needing that healing touch of the Master.
You guide and direct each one with true patience's and generosity of one that has been there before.
With your quiet calm spirit of understanding and the need of privacy and the longing of hope.
You bring us to our knees in surrendered prayer; as we lay our burdens upon the cross, lifting our hearts up before the Father in heaven.
As broken vessel's ready for the Masters touch of love to mend the broken pieces of our life's together into a tapestry of beauty. Woven with love in fine gold.
Your confidence, faith, and loyalty, that is held in strong truths of your own walk and love for the Lord; is a testimony of the light that shines within you daily.
You reveal all the fruits of the spirit that each one of us wants and desires to acquire in our life's.
Your wealth of knowledge leads and directs us in a loving gentle spirit toward the one that gives them out freely.
Your zeal for the Lord comes so naturally. You want all to have what you have found through Him who first loved you.
With great humility and confidence you softly speak of His truth's of love and forgiveness for all to freely take. You guide us through His living word with grace, knowing He will pierce the heart of the one He loves. Never barging in but gently knocking at the door of our hearts.
Your understanding of His love for all is shown each time you lead another to His cross of healing and forgiveness of grace. Never rushed or pushed but through the love they see in you that is genuine.
Withe diligence you know that each one will make that choice whether to open the door of their hearts to
Him that first loved them.
You sit with peace and grace that surpasses all understanding that only the Lord gives.
With a knowing in your heart that all works out for His good and His glory in heaven.
Thank you for being that shining example that all want to emulate and follow; as you follow after the heart of the Lord.
Yours In Christ

Do you have someone in your life that is a shining example you want to follow after?


Diary of a Complicated Woman said...

This si the sort of lovely letter I would love to recive one day. You are truly blessed to have such people in your life.

Josie said...

What a beautifully written tribute to the women of faith who inspire you and surround you with living examples of what it means to follow Jesus! I think you should share this letter at church, it would uplift everyone! I can see how much of your time, energy, and especially heart have been put into this writing, it is a testimony to not only what they are, but to who you are and what is important to you. I felt blessed just to read this, and I'm certain that you are a blessing to other lives just as these women are. Thank you so much for sharing this letter with us! I hope your week away is awesome!