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Daily Journey

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bucket List ~ Eight

Come hook up with Gina over at Rainbow's Daily Life and link
up your bucket list. See what others want to do and see before they leave this earth. Be careful you maybe adding more to your list.  Lets see all the exciting things others have.

This week my husband and I lost a dear friend in Sacramento from a massive heart attack.
Life is so short!
He will be greatly missed.
You are most likely wondering what does this have to do with a bucket list.
Not only should we be making a bucket list we should be fulfilling it and crossing them off as we complete them.
Adding more as we go along and we see what other great things we want to do and see and experience in our life time.
Which made me think about one of the things I do want to do.
Which is right here in Oregon.
And I intended to fulfill it prayerful before years end.
That would be my GOAL!

So what I intend to do before years end is:
I want to do the Hell Gates tour on the Rouge River In Southern Oregon. I even have friends that live down that way! What am I waiting for? 
I have always wanted to and I just haven't.
After hearing about my friend who is the same age as I am; it really made me stop and think. I have lost lots of friends in the past. But... life is getting shorter with each passing year. I need to fulfill these dreams and make them reality. God placed these dreams in my heart and they are there for a reason. Not just to dream about or think maybe someday. Some days never come. I must start planning and living like today is the last and that If this was what would I want to do. Well.............This is one of the things I really want to do. So today I am planning to accomplish this bucket list on this dream to make it a reality to cross it off.
It is on my date calendar for this year!

Whats on your bucket list that you can start planning to cross off in the next few months or less?


rainbow said...

I am with you on the Hell Gates tour, hope you do get to go this year. Also I'm with you and Gina on the Bucket List stuff, too often we keep dreaming about stuff but never do it. In 23 years of marrage Jerry and I have had 1 vacation (3 days and 2 nights) I think it is time for us to have another one. I have some vacation time coming up in August and I say now "We are going somewhere, I don't know where yet but somewhere." THANKS GINA and BETH, I will let you know where as soon as I know. Guess I had better go over to Rainbow to let her know what she has started. THANKS AGAIN!!!

Kirsty said...

Wonderful post. I think we all need to be constantly reminded that life is short and to live it to the fullest.

Rainbow said...

Thank you for opening our eyes on the bucket list.
We plan on making some of our list after we get married, of course that will be (one of the first mark offs :)

I put up a new link for the bucket list not sure what happened, with the old one.