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Daily Journey

Monday, July 25, 2011

Playdate ~ In The Water ~ Kid's Don't Float

Today is Monday and I love hooking up with Laura over at Wellspring for her "Playdates with God".
Come along hop on over and see all the wonderful playdates and encounters each has with and Awesome God through the daily adventures of our lives.

As promised I said I would have plenty of stories to share.
Sad thing is I still have so many more from the last visit as well.
But maybe we will just have to use them when I cannot think of anything else to write about. Which hasn't seemed to be the case or a problem at all for me.
I have uddles and uddles of things I can write about!
I love sharing and telling the stories of my adventures and life.
I guess maybe I might have missed my calling.
But I so do love doing hair and being in the beauty industry.
It gives me great joy!

This is my play date with the grandchildren in the water.
God put us in His perfect safety and provision.
He even provided through and awesome program.
A great reminder that kids don't float!

We spent many hours at Discovery Park on the river banks there.
So I have plenty of little short stories and pictures to share of our time there.
With small kids you always seem to have a story and a lesson that is given when they are around.
Never a dull moment that is for sure.
They truly keep you on your toes at all times!
Many lessons for them to learn as well as us.
Seeing things through fresh eyes of a child brings such joy!

I had decided to drive to the other side of the park and river to see what I could find on that side that would be adventures. I knew they wanted to get down by the water side.
I also remembered that there was a sandy beach area over on the other side as well.
It was easier to get to the water and a bit more swallow over on the other side.

To my delight they have a wonderful program set up for children near the water. Which I am so appreciative of. Which keeps them safe and helps those who may not be able to afford life jackets.
Which was perfect for this traveling mema!
It is called the "Life Vest Loan Program".
I loved the post on the sign in big bold letters

Give them something that will

Isn't that awesome that they have this wonderful program to help keep our children safe in the water ways?As you head onto the beach there it is a huge sign and life jackets attached for your day use.
A wonderful reminder that the water may look calm and safe but the realities are; there are hidden dangers and it isn't safe without the proper gear and safety guideline's and those around you watching over your safety.
Thing's can change in a moments notice.
Just like in life one must be prepared for the hidden dangers and changes that will come our way.
What a wonderful lesson this was giving us all.

I told them if they would put on the life jackets they could go down and play by the water maybe even get their feet wet.
Forgot you cannot tell a child just to get their feet wet!
To them that means you just gave them permission to go all in and swim!
{Laughing & smiling}
Which is exactly what happened!
Way to funny and way to much fun for all!
I wouldn't change a minute of it.
The laughter and smile's were so worth every minute of it.

I took more pictures of them playing.
 Did I take pictures on this trip?
Over 680 pictures taken on this trip alone.
So I decided that I would tell a bit of a story with my pictures.


Psalms 1: 1-3

Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked or stand in the way of sinners or sit in the seat of mockers.
But his delight is in the law of the Lord, and on his law he mediates day and night, He is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither. Whatever he does prospers.

Life Vest Loan Program Wall

We will put the life jackets on Mema

I just have to figure this out so I can have some fun in that water

Big brother... really... I think I can handle this!
No brother I will help to keep you safe

Now that I'm safe I can play in that water

Mema what about all this excess belt it isn't very fashionable

No mema!
I don't want too
I don't want to go near the water
I really don't want this on
Please take it off me mema

It really doesn't look that on safe mema
The water is calm

Look closer the depth is deceiving

Mema can we play over by the bridge?

So this is what they call water fashion mema?

I'm ready to hit this water and I don't need your help bother!

Brother there sure is a lot of water!
 I'm having fun here with you and mema
Where are sister's at?

I'll lead
You follow
I'm bigger than you and I know the way
I will keep you safe

Mema this is more my speed
Sand and lots of it

See mema
Sand castles are all you need
I'm perfectly safe here

Mema brother and I are headed towards that big bridge okay?

Brother is holding on tight so I wont get hurt and fall in the water
Sister is trailing far behind.
She might miss out on some fun if she doesn't hurry up and catch up with us

Mema I'm glad this is like a leash!
He runs so fast
The water is swift
This way we are all safe

I think I could make it across that water .
Really, brother I think I can!

Mema I'm having a great time
Thank you!

I think I will sit here and let them all be silly and be in that cold water.
I will stay nice and warm plus dry
They wont be dry and I will be.
Maybe I will find a way to take some of the sand home with me.

Isn't this great fun!?!
Look mema I'm a turtle in the water.

You are wearing me out quickly!
I am having a grand time though!
Lets continue to be safe and watch out for one another here on the water.

Re -adjustments for safety in the water
Let's not take this off again brother!
Mema I'm washing my hands
Very carefully

The Gathering
Just a little tiny bit of water on my toes
Not to much

I just want to jump and run!
This is so much fun!

I feel so refreshed and cooled off

This sand is the best
Nice and warm
So fun to build all kinds of things in this sand

This water isn't deep enough to swim mema
Watch out brothers don't get to far off from us

No further for your own safety brother

Wishing mema would lets us go out further

Water ripples in the sand

I'll sit here and make some mud pies to serve up
Brother your running in the mud pies!
Watch your step

Cool ripples of water surround me

Thank you for the great day of safety and fun in the sun!
You gave us safety and wonderful water memories and life lessons

Do your water areas have a life jacket program to help keep the kids safe on the water ways?



Laura said...

This just makes me smile from ear to ear! Kids don't float but it looks like there was enough fun going around to lift anyone! Such a wonderful playdate, sweet friend. Thank you for sharing it with me :).

Anonymous said...

What a marvellous idea to keep children safe!

Lovely pictures of the children :)

Amy said...

What a joyful time! You're a grandmother? I hope to be like you--fun and active with grandkids! (You look too young in that photo to be the grandma)

Jen said...

What a wonderful time!

Interesting thought, too -- Kids don't float -- we need to give them Jesus to keep them afloat!

Rainbow said...

This is such a great post!!! Thank you so much for sharing.
I put up a new linky for the bucket list so try to post now.


Holly said...

Hi Bethe~
I don't float either. =0) What a special time you all had! There is nothing more of a treasure to a child than a grandparent. Thank you for sharing your special day with us.