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Daily Journey

Monday, July 11, 2011

playdate~ Resting in the Sun

I opened the door for a bit of a stretch and let CK, out to take care of her needs.
 Her need this wonderful afternoon was to lay in the sunshine.
Soak up as much of those sun rays as she could.
So I plopped myself on the cement step as well!
I knew I could use some soaking of those sun rays myself. 
As she and I rested in the sunshine of the afternoon.
I thought...
It truly is a beautiful day.
I was wishing I had a lounge chair to sit in while she laid in the shade instead of sitting on this cement step.
I was still having a wonderful time in the sun, hard cement step and all.
So I just sat and enjoyed the peace and quiet of the afternoon.
I shortly jumped up and grabbed my camera for a few candid shots of the ol' gal.
I took a mess of them!
It is fun trying to get her to cooperate with me and the camera.
It really doesn't happen.
But I sure have fun trying.
It was just fun sitting out there enjoying the peacefulness of the afternoon and the wonderful sunshine beating down upon us.
So mostly we both enjoyed the wonderful time in the fresh air and sunshine of the day.
I actually didn't feel rushed this afternoon to get something done, which is unusual the case.
That, in of it self is a miracle as there is always so much to do and get done before days end.
That Is amazing!
"Taking time to smell the rose's!"
The vet said, it would be good for her old tried bones to lay in the sun.
So I took it with stride and enjoyed it myself.
I thought gosh!
If it is good for her bones then it surely is good for me too!
As I as well have tried old bones too!
So there we were the two Ol' gals enjoying a bit of the wonderful sun rays.

Ecclesiastes 1:9

What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.

Mom Isn't The Sun Wonderful?

Just Soak up Those Rays

The Camera?

This Is So Great I could Lay Here All Day!

Already With The Camera!

This Is The Great Life!

What Was That?

Happiness Is no Camera In my Face
Enjoying The Down Time
Love This Sunshine!
A Bit Of Sun
A Bit Of Shade
Isn't This Great Mom?
Time For A Bit Of A Nap
It Truly Is A Dogs Life
Cant Get Better Then This....?
Or Can It?
Can We Please Stay Here A Little Longer?
So Don't Want This Day Of Sunshine And Fun To End
It Has Been A Great Afternoon
Of Sunshine And Rest!

Do you like to lay in the afternoon sun and take a short nap?


Thisisme. said...

Hi Bethe. CK certainly is a real cutie, and I can imagine how wonderful it must have felt for her to feel all that warmth right down to her bones! And you too of course!

Shanda said...

Aw...I love my animals too and they give me sooo much joy.

Laura said...

She is just a peach! That last picture seems to capture some personality. My goodness. You would not believe what we did on Sunday. Transported 12 dogs three hours to foster care. We had one Boston Terrier, two litters of puppies--one with mom and dad, a 70 pound cross between a Bassett hound and some wire terrier, and the sweetest little terrier mix. The 70 pound dog insisted on riding on my lap. No kidding. It was crazy. But we saved those babies from the kill shelter, so I'm glad. Anyway, just to say, aren't our doggie loves the best? Love to you, Beth!

Rainbow said...

CK is such a ham!!! thank you for sharing these lovely photos. I love being in the sun, as much as possible however I am having to use the (fake sun) as it has been way to hot to even go outside.


~Tablescapes By Diane~ said...

Hi lovely lady.
I love all your sweet photos of CK !!! He looks so loving ~~~ I have a Great Dan and she is also sweet right now she is 3 years old but she is my Baby also. Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my new Tablescape !!! I hope you have a Great Week with your family. I put a new table on ever week on Monday. I hope you come back and see me ~~~~XXOOO Diane

Josie said...

Beautiful photos to capture memories of your afternoon together in the warm sun... how very precious!