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Daily Journey

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

365 Days Of Pictures ~Day 133

This is one of the neighbor's cats out sunning.
He is a big old boy!
CK thought she might try and climb the stairs.
But The cat just sat there as a guard to the gate way of this staircase.
I think he knew CK was no threat!
Though he seemed perfectly happy to sun on the stairs.
What a beauty!

Guard Cat!

Do your animal's like to sit in the sun with you?


JL Dodge said...

Hi Beth !
Love your photos ! He is a beauty !!
Thank you for stoping by !! Hope to be able o post more again !

Thisisme. said...

Hi Bethe. Boy, that cat is quite a size, and it really does look as if he is guarding the staircase!!

Amanda said...

A lovely cat! It's been a long time since I had one for a pet. I hope to have one again in the future.

Rainbow said...

The pic of kitty is sweet Mr. Caz loves sitting in the sun the dogs like the sun but prefer the shade, when it is 100+ outside.


Mickie Brown said...

Great looking cat. My husband is allergic to cats, so NO cats around here. A lot of the flower photos are from flowers in my yard--some are from the Botanical Gardens in Wichita. I love the 100 things about you--fun "stuff" to read. Take care. Mickie :)